What’s Faster: Older Rally Car -OR- New Rally Car?? Ken Block Compares GC8 VS 2021 Subaru WRX STI

29 apr. 2021
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Its time for a Rally car showdown! Ken Block test a 90's Subaru Impreza GC8 group N rally car against his new 2021 Subaru WRX STI rally car that he will be campaigning this year for the ARA championship. We head to Dirtfish Rally School to compare the legendary 1997 Subaru Impreza GC8 STI vs. Ken Blocks new 2021 Subaru WRX STI prepared by Vermont Sports Car. A lot has changed in 25 years...especially in rally technology. So, can the old school car stand a chance against the new school car? Watch and find out!

  • Top secret engine my @**, 10sec on 1:45 ain't bad at all!

    dy zolytandy zolytan3 uur geleden
    • Especially from a 30 year old car!

      dy zolytandy zolytan3 uur geleden
  • Aaaah, the sweet, sweet, smell of Subaru engine coolant burring off on the exhaust manifold... Just before the boom, as the head gasket lets go, and it is time to start walking home.

    fergus fergusonfergus ferguson5 uur geleden
  • Whoever is flying that drone is doing a really good job.

    DirtNapGaming's HoeneyDirtNapGaming's Hoeney5 uur geleden
  • BRAAAAAAAP . damn i love old school scoobies. also, i reckon if they'd put later version of GC8 in race, time difference would be at least 50% smaller. 200 vs 300+...fair comparing for sure.

    ApocGuyApocGuy5 uur geleden
  • Bro was serious af "can we pop the hood?"......"no"

    Kurai SatoKurai Sato7 uur geleden
  • Now compare it with a group B Lancia S4

    robzrobz8 uur geleden
  • Who else wants to see block Hoon an Audi Quattro group b

    Wayne SheldrickWayne Sheldrick10 uur geleden
  • Check the B group toy...

    madyogimadyogi10 uur geleden
  • The 90s..... I wish I would've appreciated you more. Race on Sunday drive on Monday. Lmao. Broke as shit, ghetto tuning a 1g Talon AWD.... Best of time, worst of times.

    Nick LevoNick Levo11 uur geleden
  • gc8 with 200 horse??? wrc cars had something like 320 to the wheels and 6 speed transmission... street wrx´s of that year had 225 horses... something is wrong! (sorry my bad english)

    jaime pooleyjaime pooley11 uur geleden
  • Group B cars - that is all

    Wood SpoonWood Spoon12 uur geleden
  • that old sound just doesn't gets old

    Le Floffy A92Le Floffy A9212 uur geleden
  • I don't care which one is faster, I know what one I would enjoy driving more. 555 GC. Yes Please!

    VorgtoVorgto12 uur geleden
  • that fpv drone

    Jorge FerreiraJorge Ferreira13 uur geleden
  • Lol, gotta sell them new WRXs. Fact is pound for pound the GC/GD with the same amount of money in them are *significantly* faster than the new cars which are several hundred pounds heavier as a base line. Early GD was basically the pinnacle for Subaru racing and it has continually gone down hill from there.

    William BarkerWilliam Barker13 uur geleden
  • where is that lancia delta s4?

    thierry leveillethierry leveille13 uur geleden
  • Mid 90's specs isn't precise enough : P

    SD48SD4813 uur geleden
  • Shitty comparison. Thas ken block not collin mc rae! That subaru with the tech as the new one i bet is way faster!

    paulo dinispaulo dinis14 uur geleden
  • I don't care what's faster, all I care about is what's cooler, and we all know which car wins that race. Also, if they wanted to, they could've gone for a Group B car, which would've been a cool comparison lol

    K_AK_A14 uur geleden
  • You can't compare a Group N car to this new car, not the same clase. Why didn't you use a Group A/WRC car?

    Andrés GonzálezAndrés González14 uur geleden
  • if you living in finland. you don't need any rally schools :P

    sumosamisumosami16 uur geleden
  • This comparison makes no sense. Plus, the driving was nothing like real life rally driving in the WRC, and not only. I've seen the old blue Subaru on WRC at the time, and it was everything, but slow. So, lots of dust and sound, inaf to impress a teenage girl, but not a guy who has seen lots of WRC.

    Stefan GStefan G16 uur geleden
  • n class cars are not as competitive as group a cars ?

    Diego GigenaDiego Gigena16 uur geleden
  • So how would one of the old group B cars stack up?¿????

    Frank RizzoFrank Rizzo16 uur geleden
  • The old Subaru car sounds are amazing! I still remember hearing them with Cat-Back exhausts

    Vince EdwardsVince Edwards17 uur geleden
  • The analogy was horrible. Jordan and James are two different players.

    Vince EdwardsVince Edwards17 uur geleden
  • +100bhp. Not a proper comparison then. Pfft.

    Andy RaeburnAndy Raeburn18 uur geleden
  • I came from watching Dogen, so I didn't understand the start of the video, thinking it was Japanese. Hmm.

    WanganTunedKeiCarWanganTunedKeiCar19 uur geleden
  • put the same amount of hp and keep it stock like the old, this old subaru weight 1000 pound less, this is not really fair ;p

    bovy musicbovy music19 uur geleden
  • You cannot make a video like this without talking about Colin McCrae

    Tom BTom B19 uur geleden
  • My money is on the Hoonicorn

    brettwrbbrettwrb20 uur geleden
  • petty they don't use the same spec but I guess they want the new one to win they should of used a 22b wrc spec

    Jon PilcherJon Pilcher20 uur geleden
  • It is an unfair challenge 300hp against 200hp

    Graham BromeGraham Brome21 uur geleden
  • What you have here is about five minutes of blather and fifteen minutes of shots of the cars sliding around corners and raising dust clouds. I expected to see technical comparisons. Disappointed.

    Larry FryLarry Fry21 uur geleden
  • Respect your Elders..

    PaulSwenPaulSwen21 uur geleden
  • Only that GC8 is track car and new one is racing car... compairing apples to stake.

    Simon VerdinekSimon Verdinek22 uur geleden
  • Mcrae's Subaru, not Group N, had 310BHP, so a 90's top rally car was close in power and a lot faster than Group N.

    P BP BDag geleden
  • Why wasn't the restrictor plate removed to make the comparison more equal? I mean the predecessor to WRC is Group A, not N, correct?

    OrcawhaleOrcawhaleDag geleden
  • This is not really a fair comparisson if the 90's car is a group N car.

    edalbagemedalbagemDag geleden
  • Nice :( I thought this was what it said in the title. A comparison between "equal" rally cars from different decades. This is comparing apples to pears. Irrelevant and boring.

    Daniel SöderlundDaniel SöderlundDag geleden
  • That rumble will never get old.

    Bem PartingtonBem PartingtonDag geleden
  • No wonder you suck. Spin them wheels some more. My pos gto would kill that new garbage on the ol back roads... don't even make me miss my sti

    Brandon FransenBrandon FransenDag geleden
  • KB's WRC record: 0 poles, 0 wins, 0 podiums. I doubt he even got 90% out of these cars even in a parking lot he knows well.

    Steve McQueen is King of CoolSteve McQueen is King of CoolDag geleden
  • This is bullshit. To truly compare, it MUST be a Group B car, tuned up to the alleged 700hp that they were said to be pulling (behind closed doors).

    Mr NobodyMr NobodyDag geleden
  • I'm so pumped for this one.

    Duane FennDuane FennDag geleden
  • I'll take the older GC8 any day.

    FrankFrankDag geleden
  • Old>new

    MikediFazioMikediFazioDag geleden
  • Damn I'd love that life.... Jordan is was and always will be the man though

    Waylon HossWaylon HossDag geleden
  • Nonsense comparing the open class Impreza with a 95 Gr. N. Gr. N cars at the time ware beaten even for a Gr. A 2wd cars. Do a proper one..

    205Gti-Gr.A PTS205Gti-Gr.A PTSDag geleden
  • To bad ken didn't put the new car up against an '86 group B rally car, then again I'm not sure he could have handled it.

    Amy StrainAmy StrainDag geleden
  • 3:45 - 3:50 **insert footage of group b**

    tungabungatungabungaDag geleden
  • More content with Russell Winfield please. Great character and you two are clearly great friends. Winning formula.

    Willeh85Willeh85Dag geleden
  • Can we get a group B match so it's apples to apples?

    robbyrob25xrobbyrob25xDag geleden
  • The saying in the south is “slicker than goose shit” lmao

    Titan SixTitan SixDag geleden
  • 130HP less + the diff not set up for the track and ONLY 10s slower. Let's say it's a draw but my money's on the 1997 version

    UzY3LUzY3LDag geleden
  • lol a Group B car would destroy both of these. :)

    Al kisAl kisDag geleden
  • almost bone stock engine is only 10seconds slower. damn

    maximusmaximusDag geleden
  • Oof idk if I would of done that MJ 23 and Lebron James comparison

    Cory LeeCory LeeDag geleden
  • I dont kiss and tell.. loyalty😂

    lollies poppieslollies poppiesDag geleden
  • So are we saying if you modded the 90s from standard then it would match the new one as the 2021 model is heavily modded where as the 1997 model is just road production stripped with body add ons this to me is a unfair match unless the 2021 is of the forecourt also??????????

    jaysynchrojaysynchroDag geleden
  • He should have practiced with old car first. You can tell shifting wasnt right speed wasn't right and because of that the lines were wrong speed was off and apex of curves were missed.

    Frank SteinFrank SteinDag geleden
  • It's a shame the old girl is only a group N and not the full WRC spec 🙁 might have been a bit closer with more pony's under the hood 🤔

    Mick CurrieMick CurrieDag geleden
  • I guess you could call the subaru classic, not old enough for me to instantly think about it. When i think of classic rally cars i think about group b, group 4 or even before that. I was born in the early 90s but i dont see 90s cars as that classic, some where cool like this one but anyway.

    Tyrox 222Tyrox 222Dag geleden
  • This is an insult to the car that made the Subaru brand what it is today and the legendary driver that won WRC world titles "if in doubt flat out" Colin Mcrae.

    Daniel CrampseyDaniel CrampseyDag geleden
  • GC8 = still best Subaru

    Rotznos Mofa-CrewRotznos Mofa-Crew2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah, but one car is an icon. The other is a rally car. PS Is it a rule now that you must have a Northern European / Scandinavian co-driver?

    Uncle JoeUncle Joe2 dagen geleden
  • If only we could see Colin doing this

    Konrad johannesenKonrad johannesen2 dagen geleden
  • ummmmmmmm errrr whats faster a lamborgini or a ride on lawn mower?? lets find out after i talk for a few minutes holding a carbonated flavoured caffeine drink with 14 tablespoons of sugar , without any advertising......cause im ken block!...lawn mower OR the Diablo???....LETS FIND OUT!!!

    Hey Sporto!Hey Sporto!2 dagen geleden
  • Wow.... the new one has 100hp more and every part is newer too, what a surprise... do the same with the new subi against a groupe b rally car from 1986 with 400-500hp... would be more interesting to know how the other parts beside the engine, can compensate the 100-200hp difference.

    SweetShoxxxSweetShoxxx2 dagen geleden
  • ahhhhhhhhhhh the old sti is absolutely the sound of rally. the boxer braapppp and pops coming through the forest... hngggg

    noiplahnoiplah2 dagen geleden
  • yeah, but what would it do vs the RS200? HMM> JHMM??? see, these are the things we need to find out.

    dbspaceodittydbspaceoditty2 dagen geleden
  • 11:08 Ken has the same look on his face I have when looking at excel at work.

    LunchBox0311LunchBox03112 dagen geleden
  • That Suby is pretty far from the Colin Mcrae car. By like 100hp.

    LunchBox0311LunchBox03112 dagen geleden
  • You need a nineties WRC. Useless comparing a nineties group N against a modern car.

    EricaMTBEricaMTB2 dagen geleden
  • That's 22b?

    DiecassaLDiecassaL2 dagen geleden
  • Ken it's great to see you are back with Subaru.

    cleveland_steamercleveland_steamer2 dagen geleden
  • i would take that old wrx any day those things are so iconic.

    Joshua RomeroJoshua Romero2 dagen geleden
  • When a drone slows down to keep a rally car in frame.... Well,yeah.

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. Family2 dagen geleden
  • total waste of time. atleast tune em to have same hp or its just dumb to comper an apple to an orangutang.

    Vihree LinjaVihree Linja2 dagen geleden
  • I used to love the classes that rally had. They were insanity. But then they regulated them. They're still crazy dope.

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. Family2 dagen geleden
  • Outside of Seattle means no human poop on the sidewalk. Definitively a plus.

    jordanjordan2 dagen geleden
  • Need to put some equal lengths on that gc and take out the rear doors lol! Jk love all the gcs so glad I've had mine for going on 12yrs. LONG LIVE THE EJ207!

    Sam LazzSam Lazz2 dagen geleden
  • Still using the ole ej get that junk fa outta here. Tride and true reliable throughout time!. There's a reason it's still the go to these days after all these years.

    Sam LazzSam Lazz2 dagen geleden
  • I just want to imagine the potential that Colin McRae, Richard Burns or Petter Solberg could bring out of that old STI.

    03confident03confident2 dagen geleden
  • Ah....Lancia Delta? That race was rigged!

    Liam ClancyLiam Clancy2 dagen geleden
  • Ha! That smile on Alex's face in the old GC. I bet that was a huge blast for him

    Dash-n-CarsDash-n-Cars2 dagen geleden
  • Prodrive is the crap!

    JeepCherokeefulJeepCherokeeful2 dagen geleden
  • what about the type B or whatever the 80's rally cars the unrestricted ones, and the new rally cars?

    iH8TrumpTerroristsiH8TrumpTerrorists2 dagen geleden

    iH8TrumpTerroristsiH8TrumpTerrorists2 dagen geleden
  • Ken really needs to get an old Subaru WRX STI and make his own version of the updated car with an updated engine and straight cut Gearbox etc I think it would make a good Stable mate for the RS2000 and the Escort Cosworth #JustSayin #DCShoes_ForLife #Hoonigan

    Imaginary FriendImaginary Friend2 dagen geleden
  • The MJ and LeBron comparison was stupid and the dude just wouldn't let it go either.

    testaMINTtestaMINT2 dagen geleden
  • That's not a genuine Impreza though is it?

    OutlandOutland2 dagen geleden
  • If im not mistaken 90’s where there was almost no regulations, meaning crazy HP

    Mauricio PalazziMauricio Palazzi2 dagen geleden
    • @Svetoslav Ivanov true 1982-1986

      Mauricio PalazziMauricio Palazzi12 uur geleden
    • You are mistaken - group B was that, in 1986

      Svetoslav IvanovSvetoslav Ivanov13 uur geleden
  • This was badly made marketing. Comparing apples and oranges!

    V KV K2 dagen geleden
  • Everybody gangsta till Michelle Mouton shows up in a group B Quattro

    Cody ClarkCody Clark2 dagen geleden
  • You might be cool, but you're not David Freiburger thrashing a big block charger in flip flops at Dirtfish cool

    Cody ClarkCody Clark2 dagen geleden
  • What a ridiculous video. 2 totally different class of rally car. If you're gonna compare at least use 2 top models. This is basically as useful as comparing a vw golf to an f1 car

    Robin WellsRobin Wells2 dagen geleden
  • Ken is obviously incredible but let's give some credit to the drone pilot. Wasn't there for everything but following Ken around with a drone cannot be easy.

    DelabeledDelabeled2 dagen geleden
  • Colin McRae’s title winning Group A car allegedly made 360bhp and Torque: 325 ft.lb at 4000 rpm, So why use a 200bhp Group N GC8 for a comparison ?. There is no comparison between those two cars. Chalk and Cheese. The new car would obviously win, nothing so sure with the march of technology, but 10 seconds ?.

    PJ LPJ L2 dagen geleden
  • I love the GC8 more! Luckily I have a 1997 version 4 STI!

    ZakuLatoskiZakuLatoski2 dagen geleden