Ultimate Adventure Vehicle : Ken Block's 2021 Can-Am Maverick Overland Rig Walkaround

19 nov. 2020
187 150 Weergaven

Nothing ruins an off road adventure like having to crawl your way to your destination. Thats why we've built this 2021 Can-Am Maverick x3 Max X RS into the ultimate adventure vehicle. It can go anywhere on or off road - thats right, its street legal here in Utah - and can do it at incredible speed and comfort. We've got this unit fully kitted with my signature wheels from Fuel UTV, Toyo Tires, electronic flip up windshield, an adventure rack outfitted with Rigid lights, spare fuel & water, Pelican case, Shovel and high lift jack. We've also got an on board cooler, a boomin stereo and even underglow! And MORE!
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  • My ex used to work at Ken's garage, got to check everything and all his vehicles out. The man has it all

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  • Anyone know what spare tire rack that is?

    Raised by MountainsRaised by Mountains26 dagen geleden
  • It looks like it should have bigger wheels

    Aussie manAussie man29 dagen geleden
  • My dad has a 2021 Polaris dog rzr four seater

    Skizzy ClipsSkizzy ClipsMaand geleden
  • Thought he was going to say the Pelican case was for his rifle. That would have been rad.

    RZR RakkasanRZR RakkasanMaand geleden
  • Bigger fuel tank from the factory would be nice

    Chase BeckerChase BeckerMaand geleden
  • Does anyone knows what is the tablet holder calls?

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  • thath intro is sick Can am rules

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  • I want this thing in Forza Horizon 4😂😂😂😂

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  • Money's the answer, what's the question??

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  • andarilho

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  • Is there airbag?

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  • nlworld.info/stream/jMD2RIwwiqm9Mi9Pzx5wGg.html

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  • Yes I should get one! :)

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  • You had me at "I like to go fast."

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  • i'd prefer the 2021 4 door 1000 Polaris SDR

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  • I think @Kenblock needs to check out northern Arizona the ohv cinder parak and the endless miles of trails surrounding Flagstaff and northern Arizona if u have it been to ride u got to try

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  • Ken You should get one Me checks price Also me ;(

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  • That montage should be an advert for the can am

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  • I own Can-am. - Eugene Kwok

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  • Can you make a SxS street legal in any state?

    macloveemailmacloveemail2 maanden geleden
    • Only some

      Co MoCo Mo2 maanden geleden
  • I have the exact setup was built in May by Barney’s St. Petersburg Fl.. barneysstpete.com we definitely went crazy on it but it is one of a kind. I look forward to sharing with you some very cool things we did to make it the ultimate back country machine. We traveled over 30 states and hit some of the sickest back country trails around this country. Michael, Tampa.

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  • If that had a heater and was fully enclosed I’d trade my truck for one of those!

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  • Ooooooo

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  • "You should Get one"

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  • Ken, will you please put a good word in to Can-am to sponsor me so I can get one. My stats are as follows -no sxs experience -no racing experience - no followers/ fans for advertisements - no land of my own to drive on Pretty sweet deal for can am don’t you think!!

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  • Hoon a mini copper

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  • Ken- the best part of your videos is the EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCTION VALUE that each of them have! They are all just amazing, but the intro to this video is BREATHTAKING... then you get ACTION ACTION ACTION- Under the circumstances, it’s great to be able to sit here on my sofa and watch your INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES unfold on my screen... THANK YOU!!!

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  • But whats the price........

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  • You should come to billing Montana we a really sketch road call Zimmerman trail very windy road

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  • I honestly would die if I got to ride shotgun in this beast

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  • Not an overlander if you can only use it in the summer. Ultimate summer offroad toy. ftfy

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    • Lower that power windshield and it’s got a heated cab, automatically 🤠.

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  • I can’t afford a new one, how did you get yours?

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  • I wanted one for a year now 🤦🏼‍♂️😭

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  • I I get one that would be great 😭😂

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  • I want a canam please I watch you all the way from Dubai uae 😂

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  • To the person who edited this video: sending you a virtual handshake. I appreciate you. This video is very well edited.

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  • A normal day for mr. ken block ... Lucky

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  • Hi I don’t know if you remember me but I got a picture with you when you were wating I sol rally Barbados with my mum sey sister and my step brother

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  • La still est ridicule !!!🤣😂

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  • Sorry Ken, But the SXSBlog guys have you beat. They got a billet 2JZ powered Raptor that is to die for....lol

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  • I absolutely LOVE these side by side machines, but I HATE that they can't be made street legal in most places. If a Slingshot is street legal this should be as well...

    chybaguschybagus3 maanden geleden
  • They are very capably, when you add 5+k in upgrades :) Stock suspension and frame are dirt weak. Just watch you tube :)

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  • Ken is the uncle everyone wish they had.

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  • Hey Ken, Let us know your address ( christophe@itskins.com ) will send you a bunch of cases for iPad and iPhones. Peace.

  • 2:55 ah yes the good old GQ patrol with stock shit on it. A lot better with a 2 inch lift and 35’ muddy’s on it with a TD42 with a big fuckin turbo

    Brayden COPEBrayden COPE3 maanden geleden
  • I would really like to see how you mounted the rotopax to the adventure roof rack. I have two rotopax and always see people mount them outside their roof rack. But I want to mount mine inside like you have yours. Also I use my winch to help change other peoples flat tires out on the trail. Great video thank you

    George JimenezGeorge Jimenez3 maanden geleden
  • Nice toy👌

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  • Im going to guess its worth $75k

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  • Whats the total of this vehicle? with all the add ons

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  • I wish I had that

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  • is the 4 door as fun as the 2?

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    • @Co Mo none that would let me drive them in one of those haha

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    • Depends on how may friends you have

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  • Ken Block.... going slow.... I'll believe it when I see it! ;)

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  • ken block is the main reason i want to be a drift racer he inspired me to wanna be a professional drift racer he is a legend i mean when he drifts its literal art he hugs the walls of the corners very close as if he knows were the edges are at all times and i hope he reads this because this is all true he is the reason i got into drifting i discovered ken by playing dirt 2 and i searched up Colin McRae and found out that hes real and i looked up ken block then there i was glued to the screen on how good is cars look and how good his drifting is and i always like muscle drift cars i thought they just looked mean as they just annihilate the track as for ken in his hoonicorn ken is just a strait up legend i wanna be a drifter when i get old enough i'm 16 i need a car and a good starter job and i already have ideas for cars i'm ether gonna get a 1979 trans am or a 1964 Chevy nova i need to get proper trained too i don't just wanna train from any old instructor i wanna learn from a legend like the legendary ken block himself who knows maybe when i get good training me and you ken could rip up the ol hoonigan burnyard always wanted to see that track in person and i also want to be able to see the honnicorn in person 1400hp 1965 ford mustang dang bro it looks like a beast love you ken keep on treading my dude

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  • Happy Birtday Ken ❤️💥💪

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  • Top heavy ? You can stack more sh!t up there Give it a try ...

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  • I bought an x3 in large part from KB, that sponsorship money paid off

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  • Looking at this for my backcountry fun - retirement!!

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  • I myself am into the Renegades an outtys 🤘 I've personally never rode in a X3 that would be a dream come true for me. Man I can stare at CanAms all day everyday if they were near lol. I be Honda's an artic cats but once I rode the renegade. The other machines aren't as fun anymore. Lol

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  • Nice unit uncle Ken 🤘

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  • Party on wheels 🤘 CanAm 4 life The Lambo's of CanAm 🤘

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  • Happy birthday Ken block

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  • Used to not care for him. This video has changed my mind about Ken.

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  • Please Ken or someone from the team send me the introduction soundtrack!!!

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    • @ic4short Thank you man but isn't there a full version?

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  • You can get this for a littel over 30k$+

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  • Looks like the vehicle in Westworld used by engineers in park

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  • What app were they using on the iPad? Anybody know?

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  • Hey Ken check out Jackdaddy from tufftrailgear. That will help any flat tire or repair you need with lifting a wheel off the ground

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  • It's like Ken Block's personal Auto Focus. Call it KBAF.

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  • You're an icon dude. Only in my dreams will I ever drive anything like what you drive man. How'd you do it? I work day in and day out nonstop and tutoring my 4 children when I'm not working. I feel stuck. You should do a giveaway. Winner is author of this post😂🤣 lol jk keep dreaming paycheck to almost paycheck. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  • Love that one you built for the snow

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  • ❤️

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  • "Very Nice" Ford and BRP (CanAm) should get married and Ken Block should officiate.

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  • Ken you live my dream life. I swear some day I’ll be as lucky as you.

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  • How much $?

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    • That thing has to be around 30k

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  • Why you dont pique a 2 sehite??

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  • How much is it

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  • Awesome that you can get those registered for use on the road. I don't think we'll ever see that here in New York

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  • I wish he would be like Mr. Shelby and make these for everyone and a big Ken Block signature. I would buy Ken edition.

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    • @Ron Mckee I'm talking about from the Factory, like a Shelby, Harley or any other big name. The Ford "Block"

      John BrownJohn Brown2 maanden geleden
    • @Ron Mckee I didn't know that. Thank you, I will take a look at it. I just wanna see right off the Production floor. Ken Block Series.

      John BrownJohn Brown2 maanden geleden
    • There's a Ken Block Ford Focus. It's Sweet.

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    • Would be sick

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  • Yes I'd like to get one but first off, I need some sponsorships.😳 always look forward to your new videos.

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  • The music at the beginning sounds like the plan by Travis Scott

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  • I need the song played at the beginning 😫

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    • It's called Waterloo by ABBA.

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  • All this build but no radio system and putting fuel on top of can am not very smart

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  • awesome B-roll

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