THE CLIMBKHANA FILES: Behind the scenes of Ken Block's Climbkhana TWO - Part 2 of 3

25 jun. 2020
804 429 Weergaven

Presented by Ford Performance: Ken Block's The Climbkhana Files is an epic 3-part behind-the-scenes mini-documentary series offering a look into what it took to coordinate, drive, and film Climbkhana TWO.
The Climbkhana Files gives viewers the same raw and unscripted behind-the-scenes storytelling from the creative team (Hoonigan Media Machine) that brought you The Gymkhana Files - the 3x Emmy nominated series launched on Amazon Prime in November of 2018.
Watch Episode 1 here:
In this second episode, Ken Block jumps straight into action for the opening scenes and first few tricks on the way up Tianmen Mountain. Despite some challenges due to the added language barrier and navigating a narrow road that's still alive with tourism, director Brian Scotto impressively choreographs Ken and the Hoonigan crew through some epic (and some sketchy) moments - including a perfect "on-take-Jake" wing-drag on the very first attempt!
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  • 25:14 *me thinking that making a homemade turbo for a racing lawnmower is the same* lel

    Thomas MoriartyThomas Moriarty6 dagen geleden
  • Panda was a real MVP!!!

    Dano PTDano PT10 dagen geleden
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  • I'd probably die

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  • Hert's our lovable H O O N I C H U N G U S

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  • So you're telling me that this wasn't all done in one take?

    Blake LarsenBlake Larsen28 dagen geleden
  • I’d love to drive that Road, the Tail of the 🐍 .

    mike chavezmike chavezMaand geleden
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  • Legendary snowboard film maker Pierre Wikberg only gets a brief text intro? Damn.

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  • Can the hunicorn beat the hunitruck

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    miesen ッmiesen ッ2 maanden geleden
  • Talent on another level...from Ken to the shooting guys....

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  • Ken is a insane driver

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  • There's like 2 seconds of a dubstep song I recognize in there, but I can't think of the name, any other music enthusiasts able to help?

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  • I will never understand how can you drift so precisely man. It's fucking insane

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  • The man that help the man in the green sute he put hi tong out when he sed I don't think that Il get paid for this

    the Big beastthe Big beast2 maanden geleden
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  • Wow. They are in China. I wonder did they ask the Chinese to release all of those innocent people they have locked up. 🤔🤔.

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  • My stomach was in knots watching this because of those drop edges, I'm not taking away anything from his expertise but Ken must have God as a invisible co-driver. AMAZING.

    silliewwsillieww2 maanden geleden
  • Thank you team for doing the ultimate for our entertainment,the risk these guys are taken,much love❤

    • Ted•• Ted•2 maanden geleden
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  • As soon as I read “hert” and “danger cam”, I cheered 😂

    Mira HimaMira Hima2 maanden geleden
  • Location and time, summer time in China the worst to do filming especially in Tianmen lol i live in China

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  • 11:15 Hey! Stop that! Black lives matter 🤣🤣🤣

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  • This man is on another level

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  • rip the one guys ears who was filming the start in the tunnel

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  • “And I clipped it” 🥺poor ken

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  • you one of u cameras has a dead pixsel i thoght it was from my screen but it wasnt 2:29 next to the helmet and the yey and under the logo sry my english

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  • why get mad tho?

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  • its simply amazing, how ken can turn such a dangerous rampaging sport into a beautiful piece of art-work.

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  • Amazing film crew guys score

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  • Excelente piloto mi favorito, Dios le siga dando muchas bendicienes, saludos desde esperanza mao valverde REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA

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  • I personally don't agree with what they're saying in minute 9

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  • 9:16 No offense, but no shit that's kind of one of the most selfish perspectives to have. What do you think the shoot was doing to all of those people in the buses? Compromise=compassion

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  • 4:55 Those are some nice pliers. I love my Knipex and I've used them for the exact same sort of thing before.

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  • Why didn’t they just dress one of their own up in panda suit then no language problems

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  • Every Mark on the road tells us the hard work

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  • I realize that this is almost a 30 minute video, but internally, I still complain that it's too short lol.

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  • I love this freaking truck!

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  • Крутяк

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  • Too many adds guys

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    • @pierrewikberg I don't mind adds but setting them to every 3-5min is a bit overkill, i make free content myself but no rallies makes income less these days. Love watching this so keep it up 👍

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    • There's always NLworld premium if you don't like the free content.

      pierrewikbergpierrewikberg8 maanden geleden
  • Love that they take us into the incredible amount of work that it takes to make these, but seeing all these takes and the numerous breaks in action really eradicates the emersion for me.

    First Time ForgeFirst Time Forge8 maanden geleden
  • Guys... the insight we get, the editing of these, the way this is all put together... AMAZING FELLAS!! Thanks for puttin this out for us crazies out here :). Peace!

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  • I FREAKING LOVE HERT. that guy is just so cool. down to earth, positive and looks like a blast to be around.

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  • I love how Scotto prioritizes Kens feelings first when it comes to the production

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