The Best Dunes in Utah!!! Ken Block's Guide to Awesome Can-Am Riding Spots: Coral Pink Sand Dunes

27 nov. 2020
130 973 Weergaven

On this installment of Ken Blocks Guide to Awesome Can-Am Riding Spots, we take you to some of the most unique dunes in the western states, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, just outside of Kanab, UT. Not only are these dunes OHV friendly, but there is a multitude of different terrain, trails, and geological features surrounding it. We brought out two styles of Can-Am Maverick X3's for this occasion, A 2021 Maverick x3 Max X Rs set up to adventure spec, and my 2019 Maverick X3, outfitted with under glow and sitting on sand paddles for FULL PARTY MODE!
To watch the Kanab episode, Click here:
Click here for the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 RS walk-around:
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    TONY SNR MKTONY SNR MK21 dag geleden
  • 👎

    DOMMEXDOMMEXMaand geleden
  • Are Can-Ams top of the line or close? And did they modify them? Thanks

    FNCrazyFNCrazyMaand geleden
  • I'd love to play with those Can-Am's

    FNCrazyFNCrazyMaand geleden
  • U guys need to go to Saint Anthony sand dunes in Idaho

    Ethan DeckerEthan DeckerMaand geleden
  • This is giving me Matt's offroad recovery vibes.

    Erroll LeggoErroll LeggoMaand geleden
  • Next time get someone to tow you with a waterski rope hooked up to the back of the Party-AM. That's how you sandboard, brah. Merry Christmas 🤘🎅

    Customs_By_ NoumpsCustoms_By_ Noumps2 maanden geleden
  • Can am or polaris

    DaniFanDaniFan2 maanden geleden
  • Ohhhh so that’s why Ken didn’t do gymkhana 11? He’s been rippin his can am

    Box EaterBox Eater2 maanden geleden
  • This is 2/10 for “dunes” in Utah. Little Sahara man..

    Mitchell HopkinsMitchell Hopkins2 maanden geleden
  • Matt's Off-Road Recovery Towing service in Hurricane, Utah Address: 455 N 2260 W, Hurricane, UT 84737 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM Phone: (435) 635-2231

    SpatialDragonSpatialDragon2 maanden geleden
  • bro why did i read the thumbnail pork sandwiches. its not even close to being the same =/

    Miguel PerezMiguel Perez2 maanden geleden
  • Little Sahara Sand Dunes AKA Jericho in southern Utah next to Eureka... I think they're bigger and better!

    Tt SsTt Ss2 maanden geleden
  • Ken have you sean what the SXSB gies bilt

    Matthew MeulemanMatthew Meuleman2 maanden geleden
  • What part of your job do you not like Ken Block?

    Colton PeareColton Peare2 maanden geleden
  • Is going to turn pink when you pop a cherry. 🍒

    Þorgils PuzœœnÞorgils Puzœœn2 maanden geleden
  • how far is it from L.A

    dylan barreradylan barrera2 maanden geleden
  • What a great place to ride.

    300zxdriver300zxdriver2 maanden geleden
  • Those poor Can-Am's🤣

    Seth ParkerSeth Parker2 maanden geleden
  • Bro imagine there’s a little kid on a dirt bike in the middle of the trail and he’s going full speed

    ChpzFnChpzFn2 maanden geleden
    • Unfortunately its apart of the game. No right on wrong when you're out there:/

      issa shelbygt500issa shelbygt500Maand geleden
  • I have a question for Ken. What is the best rally school to go to in your opinion. I am really interested in becoming a rally driver and I want to know what school a pro prefers

    RZRRunnerRZRRunner2 maanden geleden
  • Those machines need to see the sand at Sand Hallow Reservoir about an hour from Coral Pink!

    Matthew TonksMatthew Tonks2 maanden geleden
  • I bought your car in forza 4

    Ryders gaming101 mcfarlandRyders gaming101 mcfarland2 maanden geleden
  • Rzr ruined the dunes.

    Krums KornerKrums Korner2 maanden geleden
  • Hey there Ken, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Cheers From Down Under in Australia!

    rallymaster001rallymaster0012 maanden geleden
  • He can drift any thing he could probably drift my moms Nissan rouge

    Josh6538 GraveranJosh6538 Graveran2 maanden geleden
    • @300zxdriver no it’s rwd

      Josh6538 GraveranJosh6538 Graveran2 maanden geleden
    • Josh6538 Graveran Is it awd? Either way I don’t think so. Ken ..are you listening? Challenge!!

      300zxdriver300zxdriver2 maanden geleden
  • Just waiting on the 9 am drop of the hoonicorn vs the audo rs3. But holy fuck i want to do this now😱

    Angel FlannelAngel Flannel2 maanden geleden
  • Him: Babe, do you know the way back home? Her: Of course: *Starts in 40 turn left over crest into right 5 minus chicane right entrance bumps 100 left 6 don't over crest*

    DiNooDiNoo2 maanden geleden
  • In Indonesia

    Heribert SatriaHeribert Satria2 maanden geleden
  • Wow! What a spot to rip!! Awesome stuff!

    ostacruiserostacruiser2 maanden geleden
    • @Dustin Lariviere When ever the borders open up 🤟🤟

      ostacruiserostacruiserMaand geleden
    • So when you heading out there? I'd love to see it you make awesome content.

      Dustin LariviereDustin LariviereMaand geleden
  • Love it keep it up boys!!!!!!!!!!

    firepaint33firepaint332 maanden geleden
  • Those cars need shock therapy bad

    KyleKyle2 maanden geleden
  • Coyote swap a Ford Maverick

    Seth ArroyoSeth Arroyo2 maanden geleden
  • One of the few vids of these rides jumping but not nose diving all over the place lol

    Luis A.Luis A.2 maanden geleden
  • Y'all have the best job

    Maddy LucianoMaddy Luciano2 maanden geleden
  • Hoonicorn vs ford mach e !!!!

    Brian SinclairBrian Sinclair2 maanden geleden
  • I love the difference in watching Ken drive vs Zac. Wildly different

    Zachary RobertsonZachary Robertson2 maanden geleden
  • KEN!!! Check this video!! I just saw this & want to share. I know you did MOAB, but your Can-Am can do A LOT A LOT more!!!

    berniedmj1berniedmj12 maanden geleden
  • hey man, how do I start racing? I really want to but idk how to start

    Jonah GudzinasJonah Gudzinas2 maanden geleden
    • Thats it. You win every race now good job.

      Box EaterBox Eater2 maanden geleden
    • @Box Eater alright in accelerating

      Jonah GudzinasJonah Gudzinas2 maanden geleden
    • @Jonah Gudzinas accelerate

      Box EaterBox Eater2 maanden geleden
    • @Box Eater well duh, I already have a fast car lmao

      Jonah GudzinasJonah Gudzinas2 maanden geleden
    • Fast

      Box EaterBox Eater2 maanden geleden
  • Head down the hwy to Hog Canyon next.

    Ryan ChristopherRyan Christopher2 maanden geleden
  • Always wanted to take my Can-am x3 XDS max turbo R to the sand dunes. It is a long drive from Missouri to California. Hoping this coming year to make it to Utah to Moab . Be so cool to meet up with you an ride. I always hate to go riding alone. I'm in a wheelchair lost both my legs in 1993 at my job. Out riding alone in the dunes in a wheelchair not a good idea. I always try to find people to meet up with an ride with . Looks so awesome!!!

    Judge has the WordJudge has the Word2 maanden geleden
  • I love that place

    Richard DeanRichard Dean2 maanden geleden
  • 👍🏁

    One ManOne Man2 maanden geleden
  • Crazy how soft the sand is.... I run 2 wheel drive little Sahara Utah and have zero issues. Definitely will be ripping paddles when we go down next year

    Jake VawdreyJake Vawdrey2 maanden geleden
  • Keep punching MR block. You are The drift King or should i say sand King?.

    Daniel LövgrenDaniel Lövgren2 maanden geleden
  • I read the thumbnail wrong.

    Seiya KanieSeiya Kanie2 maanden geleden
  • Extremely dangerous driving on top! 😎

    ksergey2006ksergey20062 maanden geleden
  • nice 👍🙏🙏🙏😉

    Fred Fred RCFred Fred RC2 maanden geleden
  • кен блок ТЫ БОГ ДРИФТА И МАШИН

    TOP DRIFTTOP DRIFT2 maanden geleden
  • I waiting hoonifox

    G U Z ZG U Z Z2 maanden geleden
  • I've been to all of these places that he has shown and they are well worth the trip. Luckily I am close enough. We should go riding sometime Ken?🤷‍♂️

    Lake LifeLake Life2 maanden geleden
  • There are no doubts about BRP's products. #thumbsup

    Idham ArifidyanIdham Arifidyan2 maanden geleden
  • You need one of those Earth boards, the skate boards with foot hook ins and suspension

    Kyle TrentKyle Trent2 maanden geleden
  • did ken adopt zac

    John rauvic LorenzanaJohn rauvic Lorenzana2 maanden geleden

    Vincent TorsielloVincent Torsiello2 maanden geleden
  • Which car is that

    Harsheesh DhingraHarsheesh Dhingra2 maanden geleden
  • You can really tell who the professional rally car driver is when zac and ken drove through the wash

    Hite-ishHite-ish2 maanden geleden
  • When are you going to put corn on the unicorn

    Cc CcCc Cc2 maanden geleden
  • Kevin Costner.

    Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w AndroidPlaylist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android2 maanden geleden
  • Not the best dunes, little sahara is. In utah anyways.

    Dustie ShropeDustie Shrope2 maanden geleden
  • WHO is shifting through jumps...

    Tactical X-RaysTactical X-Rays2 maanden geleden
  • Awesome

    Andrew LofthouseAndrew Lofthouse2 maanden geleden
  • Epic 🤘

    On SightOn Sight2 maanden geleden
  • I am surprised that he did not roll

    benjamin McWhorterbenjamin McWhorter2 maanden geleden
  • All that squeaking sounds like some lubrication is needed. I use baby oil. The good stuff that's made with real babies.

    Jurk JigglerJurk Jiggler2 maanden geleden
  • i miss zac, and his chop rating

    Regilio BoumaRegilio Bouma2 maanden geleden
  • Is the 2 seater easy to drift and go fast through trails without the handbrake

    Shane StansberryShane Stansberry2 maanden geleden
  • Coolio.

    IRL ragequit.IRL ragequit.2 maanden geleden
  • Bring that can am to killpecker sand dunes in Wyoming

    Yes SirYes Sir2 maanden geleden
  • So when is Mr. Block gonna take on Baja?

    BamuraiBamurai2 maanden geleden
  • This place probably has the worst and dunes. I wouldn't visit if I was you. No service, you can't even watch NLworld videos

    Jade bylundJade bylund2 maanden geleden
  • What size toyo m/t are those on the adventure mode can-am?

    Adrian ContrerasAdrian Contreras2 maanden geleden
  • Wicked vid guys loved it!! "The Wash" looks like loads of fun, thanks for sharing that with us!! 😎

    • I need people like you in my comment section of my videos

      Clinton VenterClinton Venter2 maanden geleden
  • A can of WD-40 is in order...

    -1- -11--1- -11-3 maanden geleden
  • u need a boat

    K MWK MW3 maanden geleden
  • @Ken Block, there's a huge charity event going on next month to raise money to be able to donate food to struggling people because of the impact this year has had on people. It will be a global event where influences will be streaming all at the same time, doing their own thing, but the proceeds will go to the same charity. There is already a matching donation of up to $1.5 million. Please check out jackcepticeye's youtube channel for the details and info on how you can help

    Morrison LeonMorrison Leon3 maanden geleden

    Hity DesignHity Design3 maanden geleden
  • Soo Zac works for Ken now?

    Puga PauloPuga Paulo3 maanden geleden
  • Go to Silver Lake Sandune‘s in Mears Michigan

    Jeep KidJeep Kid3 maanden geleden
  • Ok but why don’t u put paddles on the front too? Turning?

    Gianni DGianni D3 maanden geleden
    • There was paddles on the front set just a smaller set ... on the inside off each front wheel

      marvin martianmarvin martian2 maanden geleden
  • These are definitely not the best dunes in Utah. Little Sahara recreation areas way better!

    Ryan WhettenRyan Whetten3 maanden geleden
  • can am= canada amnada

    Max ReemtsmaMax Reemtsma3 maanden geleden
  • DOPE.

    Joke MasterJoke Master3 maanden geleden
  • "primitive camping" shows shot of ginormous camper trailers

    Max ReemtsmaMax Reemtsma3 maanden geleden
    • Yep that's califonication on display

      Russelle WannellRusselle Wannell2 maanden geleden
  • who else loves ken's and zac's days out

    JacobJacob3 maanden geleden
  • I hope I'm as Ken some day.. Badass location 😎

    Gary WillisGary Willis3 maanden geleden
  • This series has been FANTASTIC! I hope you get to keep making more videos about cool spots to ride at.

    Brent VBrent V3 maanden geleden
  • 38th coment

    NsSkull crasherNsSkull crasher3 maanden geleden
  • We were just there 2 weeks ago and brought the sleds to sled down that big one you were on! Kids loved it and it’s way more graceful than boarding it.

    Caleb OshierCaleb Oshier3 maanden geleden
  • Hello

    OskarOskar3 maanden geleden
  • You should build a Can am with the same engine setup as you have in the hoonicorn! without the methanol ofc..

    D.tD.t3 maanden geleden
  • This thing is a ripper

    BASITH PHBASITH PH3 maanden geleden
  • How much effect does pulling the rear lever have in lowering the front in jumps? I never thought of adding a rear brake lever for this but I am just learning my x3

    Ken KaplanKen Kaplan3 maanden geleden
    • Also most of the time it's going to flatten the fly, meaning less nose pitch down

      -1- -11--1- -11-2 maanden geleden
    • The rotating inertia of each of wheels greatly affects the pitch of the vehicle in the air. Weight of the rotating assembly and other variables will affect its effect. Experimenting is the only real answer.

      -1- -11--1- -11-3 maanden geleden
    • X3's jump nose heavy as is, my guess would be rare scenario for a brake tap.

      devvyboy tiktokdevvyboy tiktok3 maanden geleden

    dylan bradleydylan bradley3 maanden geleden
  • Love Ken Block

    Lee LevesqueLee Levesque3 maanden geleden
  • I live in this area!!!

    trev Nielsentrev Nielsen3 maanden geleden
    • I live 200 miles north of that

      RZRRunnerRZRRunner2 maanden geleden

  • Can i get a shout out

    Brittania TorbettBrittania Torbett3 maanden geleden
  • Block is best. Best father. Best slayer. Best rally driver. Best man. Best

    Krishna DasKrishna Das3 maanden geleden
  • UySiUySi

    PeluchoPelucho3 maanden geleden