Ken Block's Raw Onboard Rally Footage - SS12 - Rally in the 100 Acre Wood

1 apr. 2021
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Check out this raw onboard footage of Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino during stage 12 of The 2021 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Heavy rains prior to the race made for some elevated sketchiness on an already rough 12 mile stage littered with deep water crossings. In this race Ken is piloting a Skoda Fabia R5+ for the very first time.
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  • what car is he driving

    Martin SzMartin SzDag geleden
  • Ken you're an American National Treasure for sure. Your name will live on and will be referenced for millenia to come. Amazing. I'm talking about your entire career not just this one rally. The best is yet to come.

    Life in WashingtonLife in Washington2 dagen geleden
  • wow that is intense 😲

    Gaz LodgeGaz Lodge2 dagen geleden
  • WOW

    i77 ma7ici77 ma7ic8 dagen geleden
  • steering wheel 350mm 330mm??

    Rogue遊蕩者Rogue遊蕩者15 dagen geleden
  • Being a co-driver for rally has got to be really stressful I’d loose my spot in the notes right away😂

    Tyler GrossetTyler Grosset17 dagen geleden
  • He really only competes with Pastrana he literally doesnt notice anyone else in these events lol.

    pablo picassopablo picasso18 dagen geleden
  • Ken always number 1👏☝️👍

    Жак Фреско ЭмасЖак Фреско Эмас20 dagen geleden
  • This guy 101%has balls of tungsten

    deadboy1003kdeadboy1003k22 dagen geleden
  • This just beat up the fast and furious franchise ..

    Honda D-SERIESHonda D-SERIES23 dagen geleden
  • I'm from indonesia fans kenblock 🔥😎

    Indra Solihin NuraeniIndra Solihin Nuraeni23 dagen geleden
  • I wish you still had you hoonicorn 🥺🥺

    KGfakesツKGfakesツ24 dagen geleden
  • Thank you too whoever had the idea to post this... as a rally fan there isn't much to watch in the rally world

    Pops DaddyPops Daddy28 dagen geleden
  • Sup

    iBelieveiBelieve28 dagen geleden
  • Класс!!!👍

    ВЖИК 9ВЖИК 9Maand geleden
  • Good video ken😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum BurtonMaand geleden
  • Pozdravujem Českých bratov ŠKODA POWER

    Richard GregorRichard GregorMaand geleden
  • pure magic, just riding the absolute limit of what your tires can offer. You are a hero

    Gaylord CockburnGaylord CockburnMaand geleden
  • Very exciting 👏

    Arf SyamArf SyamMaand geleden
  • "WHEELIE JUMP!" Best call ever. "Don't Cut" being next best...

    SpatialDragonSpatialDragonMaand geleden
    • I didn’t hear that call, what time in the video was that?

      Malcolm AndersonMalcolm Anderson3 dagen geleden
  • Ken I was wondering something I live your cars and what you guys do and I love forza do you think you could do anything to possibly get some more awesome cars into forza horizon 4 please and thx and keep up the great work I love what you do

    Flame InfernoFlame InfernoMaand geleden

    Mephisto's little ModelworkshopMephisto's little ModelworkshopMaand geleden
  • Who won the fox body mustang?

    TRUTH -TRUTH -Maand geleden
  • I'm all for it because it's America. Please adopt this America. Thanks.

    Crouching HedgehogCrouching HedgehogMaand geleden
  • DiRT 4 vibez

    PiMpiNx187PiMpiNx187Maand geleden
  • The hundred acher wood, Careful not to run over winnie the pooh

    Jeffy so Mad VaderJeffy so Mad VaderMaand geleden
  • not a Ford?

    張中漢張中漢Maand geleden
  • When american people discorver FFSA Rally : Omg i still watching this all day long ! Ken

    JrJrMaand geleden
  • I'm interested in how you do in Europe against other R5 drivers 😀👍

    O KostikO KostikMaand geleden
  • Thank you for the introduction

    Todd SwagertyTodd SwagertyMaand geleden
  • I love u

    Team PizzaTeam PizzaMaand geleden
  • 8:45 - Marvelous shot. Also, heroic work by those wipers, gimme a pair of those!

    Scott OrdScott OrdMaand geleden
  • Big fan of Ken Block!

    Cliff MooreCliff MooreMaand geleden
  • tunnel vision, I love zoning in on just the road, and letting the speed guide my senses, lol just like playin dirt 4 lol

    TecTecMaand geleden
  • Can you explain why you need a navigator I’m a local rally driver and I have never had a navigator in the passenger seat

    the reaperthe reaperMaand geleden
    • You are not a rally driver at all if you don’t have co-pilot and you don’t know what he is doing

      zepter00zepter0016 dagen geleden
  • thats madness ken love it :)

    Craig CooperCraig CooperMaand geleden
  • Awesome Ken. Your gonna dial that car in i can feel it just rips. You arent comfy in it yet. Rough as fuck from 7 min on you nailed it

    David RhindDavid RhindMaand geleden
  • this is some awesome stuff. i wish i could see the speedometer 🤩

    1gglyWggly1gglyWgglyMaand geleden
  • I got to say your ford was much faster than this car i bet you wish you still had it lol

    carl gruvercarl gruverMaand geleden
    • No its not. Fabia R5 is top car in WRC2 class. It is faster than WRC cars from early 2000’s

      zepter00zepter0016 dagen geleden

    fredofredoMaand geleden
  • The suspension in these R5 cars is amazing. Looks like it has lots of usable grip.

    MrSkitzmotorsportMrSkitzmotorsportMaand geleden
  • Have you ever thought about Really Dakar?

    Leon LevstikLeon LevstikMaand geleden
  • Is mr. Ken block representing any organisation???

    Letboilen HaokipLetboilen HaokipMaand geleden
  • Having a great day stay safe🙂🙂 everyone😇👍👍👍

    Letboilen HaokipLetboilen HaokipMaand geleden
  • Hi youtube🤝🤝🤝

    Letboilen HaokipLetboilen HaokipMaand geleden
  • Thanks for all you share with us Ken your an incredible talent always pulling for you to win the 100 acre, came very close agin. I still have yet to make it down i need to one year would love to say hi maybe get an autograph for sure. I live in affton Mo so getting down there some how for a race one year shouldnt be a prob. Seems i always forget it takes place in and near the end of Feb and im always hearing about it after or a day or two before the event. Congrats on your 2nd place podium win.

    sj_ bakowski79sj_ bakowski79Maand geleden
  • You can just tell that Ken is damn good at this by the insanity of the controlled near calamity that is Open Stage Rally Racing

    Stevie JoStevie JoMaand geleden
  • Rural Missouri is pretty much this all the time! I love my home states gravel roads and beautiful forrest.

    Stevie JoStevie JoMaand geleden
  • this format of video was solid. more of these would be welcome 👍

    GBracingGBracingMaand geleden
  • Mate, hats off to Alex for some excellent work. He reads off that stage so well and you can see how much anticipation it's giving Ken. Absolutely awesome team!

    Jay of the MountainJay of the MountainMaand geleden
  • He looks like somebody else with no beard

    Kayzoid ‘Kayzoid ‘Maand geleden
  • Its kinda weird seeing them both have Ford racing suits on while driving a Skoda lol

    Thomas KunzThomas KunzMaand geleden
  • Where’s whine the phoo if you’re in the 100 acre wood

    Harry RussellHarry RussellMaand geleden
  • This is some video game feel shit right here.

    daniel hamiltondaniel hamiltonMaand geleden
  • Best adrenaline rush ever!! 👍👍

    shawn mooreshawn mooreMaand geleden
  • At the end its just a casual talk, like eh just a normal day nothing crazy

    Takoda EhlinTakoda EhlinMaand geleden
  • Alex said terrain change and then it went hard mode lol

    Adriel FonsecaAdriel FonsecaMaand geleden
  • Go Skoda Go

    Petr Fish&KitePetr Fish&KiteMaand geleden
  • Good job Ken

    Majdin MalovicMajdin MalovicMaand geleden
  • Samir, you’re breaking car

    Chill MusicChill MusicMaand geleden
  • Ken gets mad props, but I need to give my biggest respects to the co-driver with nerves of steel and always on top of his game..

    Bill CorcoranBill CorcoranMaand geleden
    • Ken can drive 💯💯

      Honda D-SERIESHonda D-SERIES23 dagen geleden
  • You need to go to the doctor, YOUR head is crooked , totally cool mr. Ken block fun to watch

    David TaylorDavid TaylorMaand geleden
  • I installed Dirt Rally 2 after watching this! So exhilarating!

    RangeSliderRangeSliderMaand geleden
  • Amazing drive and car. The R5 is just so planted and nimble.

    Jeff SeehornJeff SeehornMaand geleden
  • Maybe the handling is so twitchy because of Alex's huge set balls in the co-drivers seat? LOLOL! He's calling corners, *calmly* , while they're doing warp speed in the forest on a slick muddy road!!

    SlotmechSlotmechMaand geleden
  • Brilliant. Could see what you meant regarding steering wheel... To sensitive, but did great 👍👍👍

    waddac2waddac2Maand geleden

    Zebra 3Zebra 3Maand geleden
  • This is the most I have seen you work the wheel. Not even in Gymkhana u worked it...tell the boys to tighten her up man!! Bet u couldn't even wipe after that😆

    SpiewickSpiewickMaand geleden
  • Oh shit that was FAST. HE skimmed over water

    Shifty_966Shifty_966Maand geleden
  • Hope you make another gymkhana Ken!

    Adam HardingAdam HardingMaand geleden
  • World class driver. World class co-driver. World class stage. World class mount. What do we expect? Thanks Ken and Alex.

    Kim DeMotteKim DeMotteMaand geleden
  • no more words, this is AWESOME!

    Azz BreakerAzz BreakerMaand geleden
  • That was awesome. Thank you for that view. You two are a well oiled machine.

    A BA BMaand geleden
  • That Fabia R5 is way better than any of the Fords Ken been driving all this years. Most successful R5 rally car in world

    MrMetal575MrMetal575Maand geleden
  • Where in the literal fuck did you get a skoda

    ian Goes2whitecastleian Goes2whitecastleMaand geleden
  • Rally driving doesn't get the props it deserves. Most people don't even have the courage to drive that fast on a race track, nevermind through the woods with trees within feet on either side.

    Bry YBry YMaand geleden
  • So... there is a chance for Skoda in Forza Horizon 5?

    nismonismoMaand geleden
  • Great job Ken , wish it was more popular cuz your insane mate keep it up 👍

    amendamendMaand geleden
  • 5:10 That is a very brave parking spot

    Hristo DimitrovHristo DimitrovMaand geleden
  • Can't help noticing and giving MAJOR props to your(or any other) co-driver/navigator. Balls of steel and a level of trust I have yet to see in my own life.

    ColdMoonlightColdMoonlightMaand geleden
  • Hi Ken, I am very glad, that you choice Skoda...because it is really small car company like David...and you know Ford is against them like Goliath :D Skoda have maked really big progres from the time when they was in patient with this car..because it will schow to you why is most successfull;) Sry for my english :D

    Dave100mbDave100mbMaand geleden
    • Lol. Skoda Fabia R5 is top dog in WRC2 much better than Fiesta R5. Ford is not a Goliata.. Ford is not even in WRC. Only M- sport. Skodahas factory team and dozens private team use Fabia R5

      zepter00zepter0016 dagen geleden
  • Alex is a legend! Great run. I have been studying, yet can't decipher this as quick as Ken does. Amazing work for the team. Loved every second!

    David BlanckDavid BlanckMaand geleden
  • Winnie the Pooh must be sad

    Faizzuddin EqbalFaizzuddin EqbalMaand geleden
  • Oh no 😫 Ken went from Ford to Skoda? It hurts...

    Tank To ChestTank To ChestMaand geleden
  • On board footage in my favourite

    lazy manlazy manMaand geleden
  • That was very stressful just watching it. Do you have life insurance? Do they make you sign a waver? ARE YOU COMPLETELY FUCKING STUPID? That’s not your car! You should have driven something you’re used to for that one! Completely INSANE!

    Geo StanleyGeo StanleyMaand geleden
  • Wow.. so cool

    Emerson CruzEmerson CruzMaand geleden
  • Makes me sad to not see him in a Ford

    PickleJarsPickleJarsMaand geleden
  • Awesome Ken!

    C JohnsonC JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Awesome footage, nice to see how the faster cars treat the same section as us slower regional entries. :P One issue with the title though: this was SS8, and not SS12 as indicated. SS8 has a different starting point, and connects up and starts to overlap with the SS10/12 stage at the corner at 5:55 in your video. (On SS10/12 you come in on the left going straight through, instead of treating it as the R2- you called.)

    Vertical DisambiguationVertical DisambiguationMaand geleden
  • Geez that got pretty soggy towards the end there. Now I kinda wanna see Ken do some hydroplane stunts 👀.

    Eric SEric SMaand geleden
  • I dont know why texas doesnt have more rally events. It should.

    Aquavert GreenWorksAquavert GreenWorksMaand geleden
  • Alot of lift off rotation. Do you think rear bar too stiff or rear lsd locking aggressively off throttle? But you wheeled it smoothly

    Tim HolubowitchTim HolubowitchMaand geleden
  • Haters can hate, I used to be one of them, but you're not the same driver you were in 2012 Ken. Excellent Driving, Good luck in future rallies, and next time you compete in WRC, I'll be cheering.

    IndarowIndarowMaand geleden
  • No more ford? I'm out.

    Craig OlsonCraig OlsonMaand geleden
  • Audio broken for anyone else?

    VetteKillerVetteKillerMaand geleden
  • FAZER DAYS "im a lucky girl" big ups Ken n

    sixthday creationsixthday creationMaand geleden
  • Hated he quit Ford what the hell kind of car is that he's in now.

    Pat MasonPat MasonMaand geleden
    • Fabia R5 won 1100 events.

      zepter00zepter0016 dagen geleden
    • Only the most successfull R5 chasis in history, form a brand that beat Porsches in Monte-Carlo rallye in the 60's.

      Jan KubátJan KubátMaand geleden
    • European car not hugely popular here obviously. 😆

      Adam RodgersAdam RodgersMaand geleden
  • Why does every rally announcer seem to have the same accent and microphone lol

  • Skoooooooooooda!!!!

    Maa MediaMaa MediaMaand geleden