Ken Block's Entire Fleet Gets NEW Wheels - Full Tour!

6 aug. 2020
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Super stoked to finally announce my new partnership with Wheel Pros - and to show off the full collection of new kicks for my entire fleet of race cars and street cars - including the very first look at my TWO new signature wheels from Fuel Off-Road (for trucks and UTVs) and Rotiform (for street and competition vehicles).
It's super rare (and maybe the first time in history) that nearly all of my race and street cars are in the same place at the same time which made for the perfect opportunity to make this reveal happen.
For those who don't know, Wheel Pros is the parent company to some of the greatest wheel brands in the industry which include Rotiform, American Racing, Fuel Off-Road, American Force, and a whole bunch more. What I'm most stoked about is the ability to work with their team of engineers to take my ideas and concepts for brand new wheel designs and make them a reality. At DC Shoes I always enjoyed helping design shoes and apparel. Now I get to do that again, but with wheels. Aka; kicks for cars!

  • What are your top five cars in the fleet?

    Ken BlockKen Block6 maanden geleden
    • 1. hoonicorn 2. bronco 3. rs200 4. hoonitruck 5. gymkhana 7 fiesta

      brotheroonybrotheroony8 dagen geleden
    • Hoonicorn, RS200, Fox Body, gymkhana 9 rally car, and the Ford Escort Mk2

      Adventures UnfoldedAdventures Unfolded16 dagen geleden
    • 1. Hoonitruck 2. Cossie 3. Rs2000 4. Fiesta/ Focus 5. Bronco

      Tour DETour DE16 dagen geleden
    • Hoonicorn hooni truck raptor with tracks ford focus and the bronco

      Hockeyman 86Hockeyman 86Maand geleden
    • F-450 Rs200 Hoonitruck 78 escort mk2 Explorer ST

      Jason TownsendJason TownsendMaand geleden
  • The f-450 is my favorite other than the hoonicorn

    Corbin ManseillCorbin Manseill2 dagen geleden
  • Unironically really love the Explorer ST. The car in general really intrigues me, 415 horsepower is no joke. I know there are cars in that garage that make tons more, and are tons lighter, but an AWD SUV launching with that power really is awesome. Wish to own one of those one day. The wheels on them look amazing.

    Nala BearNala Bear2 dagen geleden
  • My favorite cars are 1. Can am 2. Hoonitruck 3.hoonicorn 4. White Raptor 5. Cossie

    Cool flipnight9Cool flipnight92 dagen geleden
  • i wanna live there

    Benjamin FaynbergBenjamin Faynberg3 dagen geleden
  • we need gymkhana TOKYO

    Jack ButhJack Buth4 dagen geleden
  • Can we get more hoonigan cars for forza?

    Random person8777Random person87777 dagen geleden
  • I'm still wondering why is there so much attention on this guy. He has accomplished nothing in racing. just see his WCR stats..Is just a US promotion bs..?

    welizarrwelizarr11 dagen geleden
  • That ford escord really awesome

    Imrancr7 HakimImrancr7 Hakim12 dagen geleden
  • How can I join the team? Like Fr because I feel the passion you guys have for cars as much as I do😞 I just want to be part of y’all team. Like I’ll do anything for you guys like from making coffee to making sure all the vehicles stay shiny and clean to idk as simple as knowing that you guys can rely on me with anything. Like I’m unemployed because of Covid and since I’m in the military reservist side I don’t get to do a lot of military work. I’m just saying I’ll do anything to be part of your team/fam Ken. Go Hoonigan! 🤟🏻Anyways that’s all I’ve wanted to say, but also I love what you guys do and for what you guys do it🙏🏻🔥💯

    ŻØMBŻØMB12 dagen geleden
  • What a collection, all cars meant for maximum attack mode lol

    Indigo CarvilleIndigo Carville12 dagen geleden
  • am i the only one to notice whoever did all the wheel swaps didnt bother cleaning the bead sealer on almost any of em lol? buggin me

    Son BrokuSon Broku20 dagen geleden
  • I think this is the biggest flex on NLworld to be honest. Whoooo boy

    dodge ram 1500 1996dodge ram 1500 199622 dagen geleden
  • my top 1 is the hoonicorn top 2 is the ford focus rs the gymkahan one and top 3 is the raptor with the tank wheels

    Ludsto TargetLudsto Target22 dagen geleden
  • Need a 70's sick built full size wagon in the line up

    Marcus SchulzeMarcus Schulze27 dagen geleden
    • The Hooniwagon

      Marcus SchulzeMarcus Schulze27 dagen geleden
  • Show us the back lot

    Chris NolletteChris Nollette27 dagen geleden
  • Damn

    GTI PoochGTI PoochMaand geleden
  • #1 Bronco #2 MK2 Escort #3 Hoonicorn #4 Hoonitruck #5 F450

    Anthony GrossAnthony GrossMaand geleden
  • 5. Cossie 4. Hoonitruck 3. Bronco 2. Hoonicorn 1. Fiesta RS Been a fan since DC days. The switch over to rally was probably the best thing Ken ever thought of. Gymkhana Files is a great behind the scenes documentary that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for keeping my mind occupied during this DamnPemic... ©™ lol Stay Safe Stay Alive Guys!!!!

    Mîköl PharleyMîköl PharleyMaand geleden
  • 1. Hoonicorn 2. Escort 3. RS200 4. Fiesta/Focus (cuz. I can't tell which one is cooler... Old but Gold vs. Fast and Futures) 5. Hoonitruck.... Because it's just brutal and raw!

    Will MüllerWill MüllerMaand geleden
    • *4. Escort 1994/Fiesta* ^^

      Will MüllerWill MüllerMaand geleden
  • im not a ford guy but once i saw a rs200 i fell in love with them #1 for sure

    ElijahElijahMaand geleden
  • Top tank is the hoonigan RS 200 because its the best dirt car in forza horizon 4 haha

    DerWackerDerWackerMaand geleden
  • Dude whoever is holding the camera literally cuts off everyone before they finish their sentence 🤦‍♂️ how annoying

    Jason TownsendJason TownsendMaand geleden
  • kb1s ken block #1

    Michael FranklinMichael FranklinMaand geleden
  • Brian finish one of MANY cars and maybe Just maybe Ken might let you drive it but for real. Nah Leah's gonna drive first 😂😂

    Zach ShepherdZach ShepherdMaand geleden
  • Does Ken get to keep all the cars ?

    TheWaffleHouseTVTheWaffleHouseTVMaand geleden
  • Think I just found my favourite car collection 😍😍

    Robbie LonerganRobbie LonerganMaand geleden
  • I literally have the exact same wheel and tire combo on my Bronco as ken's, awesome

    Bubba Gump ShrimpBubba Gump ShrimpMaand geleden
  • Are they Ken's cars or have ford kept them ?

    Jack ReesJack ReesMaand geleden
  • 1. '94 Ford Escort Rs Cossie v2 2. Rs200 3. Hoonicorn 4. '15 fiesta st rx43 5. Mark 2

    Dylan StortsDylan StortsMaand geleden
  • No mention for the 4Trak Ford pickup ? Because NO wheels :D

    MadpegasusmaxMadpegasusmaxMaand geleden
  • Now that ken parted ways with Ford does he have to give back all this toys or are their his to keep. Still love that RS 200 favorite rally car next to the Audi Quattro.

    obscured mirageobscured mirageMaand geleden
  • I love how happy ken looks while doing anything

    sher e punjabsher e punjabMaand geleden
  • I like how u gust have a ford vehicles.FORD GANG.🤟🤘🤙

    Andrej IvanovskiAndrej IvanovskiMaand geleden
  • Sheldon Adelson

    Rachael SanchezRachael SanchezMaand geleden
  • What's up with that Raptor on them Trax???

    AdventAdventMaand geleden
  • They skipped the 3rd raptor :((((

    X_FoundationX_FoundationMaand geleden
  • Can I have a set of the old ones...?

    Evan'sThoughtsEvan'sThoughtsMaand geleden
  • who’s here after the last ride in hoonicorn v2 👀

    Carlos NunezCarlos NunezMaand geleden
  • Hey Ken, I just moved to Heber City. I had no idea you were so close!! If you need a logistics coordinator, I'll shoot you my CV :-)

    Peter BaldaufPeter BaldaufMaand geleden
  • So whats left now that you left ford?

    sam cardinalsam cardinalMaand geleden
  • love the wheels what is the backing tracks they are fire

    sidsterx5 [サンダース]sidsterx5 [サンダース]Maand geleden
  • I like the bronco and mustand so as the rapter

    the toxic channelthe toxic channelMaand geleden
  • That collection would look a tad more complete if there was a bubble-arched MK1 escort.

    Brian MurphyBrian MurphyMaand geleden
  • So the hoonicorn is supposed to get an upgrade, ken becomes a free agent in 2021, any chance the hoonicorn becomes a surprise if ken goes back to ford

    quantum swiftquantum swiftMaand geleden
    • That's what I'm saying bruh, i literally came back to this video to type that comment but u already said it

      Hamza GuzelHamza GuzelMaand geleden
  • So who's next on the block list?

    Aaron NaillonAaron NaillonMaand geleden
  • How many trucks did you hijack for that?

    rusticscruffyrusticscruffyMaand geleden
  • 1. SVC Raptor (Daily) 2. MKII Escort (ITB sound) 3. RS43 (memorial for me) 4. RS200 (my favorite Hoonigan on FH4) 5. F-450 (tow☝🏽these boys) LOL

    iBOOSTiBOOSTMaand geleden
    • FYI FH4 kids killed the Hoonicorn for me, but I do low key love it! 😩

      iBOOSTiBOOSTMaand geleden
  • crazy to think he isn't sponsored or working with Ford anymore

    Nate TrabueNate TrabueMaand geleden
  • I love seeing the gears start turning in ken’s head at 6:14

    Jared LandbergJared LandbergMaand geleden
  • Where’s the Focus RSRX?

    Cooper CatesCooper CatesMaand geleden
  • CooL thanks

    PolardsVisionablePolardsVisionableMaand geleden
  • Do you have to give all these back now u and Ford are parting ways?

    wayne kerrwayne kerrMaand geleden
  • What money can buy?....

    Boats VS. WavesBoats VS. WavesMaand geleden
  • I just wanna ask do you have still the subaru from gymkhana 2? that was my favorit cars of all

    Grathy FertiersGrathy FertiersMaand geleden
  • # 1 The RS 200 I think that this car is absolutely amazing#2 1978 Ford escort MK2 RS #3 The one and only ready to take a life 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR and for me V2 I just love those two turbos jumping out of the hood ready to suck in the world #4 1994 Ford escort RS Cossie v2 #5 The 2016 Ford focus RS and this is the car I would absolutely love to be sitting in my driveway I will pick this car over any other factory vehicle, but I have big dreams #6 2015 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 #7 would be the 1977 Ford F150 Hoonitruck .#8 would be the 2017 SVC off-road F1 50 raptor #9 would be the 2017 F150 raptor in 10th Pl. sorry Ken but the 450 super duty Lariat ~ #11 would be your wife’s 74 bronco 12th Pl. would be 2020 explore ST and last would be the 2019 Can-Am maverick X.3 XRS

    Ross BoleyRoss BoleyMaand geleden
  • You're so awesome man, I'm stoked for you when I watch you race and drift through city's and shit you're the fuckin man, no lie. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    ayaronayaronMaand geleden
  • My (Ross’) favorite 1-13 My favorite would definitely be the Ford RS 200 and absolutely love it second would be 78 Mk2 RS escort Number three would be 1965 Ford mustang outrageously Amazingly Hoonicorn RTR and for me V2 those TwinTurbo’s peeking out of the Hood,well I don’t have to say anything more number four would be the 94 Cossie RS escort V2 Number five 2016 focus RS which that is exactly what I would like to be sitting in my driveway (Big Dreams) Number six would be the 2015 Ford fiesta STRX 43 number seven would be the 1977 Ford F150 Hoonitruck

    Ross BoleyRoss BoleyMaand geleden
  • My dream

    Tetewgaming TVTetewgaming TVMaand geleden
  • Does this mean ken since ford and u go seprate ways these cars goes away?😕

    Frank DerksenFrank DerksenMaand geleden
  • Awessome

    michael nnielsenmichael nnielsenMaand geleden
  • Turbo rims are awsome

    michael nnielsenmichael nnielsenMaand geleden
  • Ken Block is fucking cool...

    steven lowesteven loweMaand geleden
  • I want those Roties soooo baaaaaaaaddddd

    Avery ArthurAvery ArthurMaand geleden
  • Die Maschine Call of duty Zombies solo

    Kastle Gaming & RecordsKastle Gaming & RecordsMaand geleden
  • What about the truck with trax in the back

    ZOO RuZOO RuMaand geleden
  • 5, RX43 fiesta 4, has to be the hoonitruck 3, is the hoonicorn for me 2, is the 78 MK2 escort 1, all the way has to be the rs200 Evolution

    Daniel DuveDaniel DuveMaand geleden
  • "big plans for Hoonicorn (V2) this year" January 8th 2021 and Ken's announced that he's parting ways with Ford and released a final send-off video for Hoonicorn V2 Today is a very sad day

    Kieran O'CallaghanKieran O'CallaghanMaand geleden
    • they possibly shot this after hoonicorn vs the world and just released hoonicorn vs the world later

      HyenaLorDHyenaLorDMaand geleden
  • I only have a top 3 1. RS200 2.Hoonicorn 3.Hoonitruck The rs200 is like my dream car, and I want to make my mustang into an offroad newer styled hoonicorn

    DR.McstabyDR.McstabyMaand geleden
  • I've got the bajas on my 79 wrapped in 37 12.5

    Michael HiattMichael HiattMaand geleden
  • Not everyone has the mental age of a 16 year old and is as easily convinced of the NEED to always have the current model apple shit product.

    Joe Rocket1979Joe Rocket1979Maand geleden
  • Where are the Subarus?

    VTube zeekerVTube zeekerMaand geleden
  • That’s cool but what about THE RAPTOR ON TREADS?!?!?!!?!? 25:05

    BensonBensonMaand geleden
  • Who else is here after the goodbye video for the hoonicorn 🤣

    Jeffrey BatresJeffrey BatresMaand geleden
    • lol me

      King PineKing Pine25 dagen geleden
    • Me

      Nico's_noop TVNico's_noop TVMaand geleden
    • Me :(((((

      Le pyxlLe pyxlMaand geleden
    • Me 😪

      MemeSlayerMemeSlayerMaand geleden
  • So all these are going away now Fords gone?

    gsppuffergsppufferMaand geleden
  • not the originator of the one spoke

    aimdgs87aimdgs87Maand geleden
  • yall put that suspension on everything lmao

  • Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMaand geleden
  • The first shot made his cats look like 1/5 scale

    Loot GoblinLoot GoblinMaand geleden
  • Tug of war? Between the garage?

    Coby JohnsonCoby JohnsonMaand geleden
  • I own a 2016 Focus RS and now I’m gonna have to get a set of those rims if I can. That just looks so badass

    Caleb EstesCaleb EstesMaand geleden
  • Eat shit Brian we aren’t trolls. Finish a car.

    Chris LeeperChris LeeperMaand geleden
  • Do some enginge breakdowns.. ohh shit. Sorry no pun inteded ford...

    Brad pattersonBrad pattersonMaand geleden
  • Can definately tell whos sponosored by for. If you had any cents.. he obviously has dollars.. but go chevvy man. Have some fun with real power

    Brad pattersonBrad pattersonMaand geleden
  • My #1 is the shop how he used all those containers

    Tips 4 truckersTips 4 truckersMaand geleden
  • I just want the bronco

    bradley hallbradley hallMaand geleden
  • Ken are you sad there's going to be no more Focus RS?

    Roasted HDRoasted HDMaand geleden

    Ryan EllicottRyan EllicottMaand geleden
  • The hoonicorn is da best

    Haywire CoochieHaywire CoochieMaand geleden
  • What is the fastest Car in there

  • Hype 43k likes

    OkUrKa. TV.OkUrKa. TV.Maand geleden
  • The svc raptor is my favorite hands down

    wyattwyattMaand geleden
  • get a cow farm in minecraft bruv

    Isaac smithIsaac smithMaand geleden
  • Bronco 5 rs200 4 svc raptor 3 hoonicorn 2 f150 1

    mswanson253mswanson253Maand geleden
  • I want that Mk2 so bad

    William GrandWilliam GrandMaand geleden
  • Too many Fords.

    deluxsound123deluxsound1232 maanden geleden
  • I really love the HooniTruck

    Bubba KushingtonBubba Kushington2 maanden geleden
  • I'm so happy he's a ford guy. Thank god.

    Ray PRay P2 maanden geleden
  • liaaaa should drive it

    [ws] Argus[ws] Argus2 maanden geleden
  • "It's true, all of it"

    Ian HawkinsIan Hawkins2 maanden geleden