Ken Block's 14y/o Daughter Gets Drift Lessons from Formula Drift Champ -Vaughn Gittin Jr.

9 okt. 2020
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When we set out to build the Vanilla Ice inspired, drop top 5.0 Fox body Mustang, we had one major goal in mind - Teach my daughter Lia to drift with it. For her instructor, I enlisted the help of my friend and Formula Drift Champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr. As it turned out, Lia would get the FULL drift experience. Breaking parts, track side modifications, running out of fuel, and persevering through it all to finally nail the final trick. The Borla Exhaust completely changed the tune of this Fox and not surprisingly, the Toyo Tires we ran held up through the entire day!
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  • If ken block sees this then i hope he can adopt me lol

    Eduardo AguileraEduardo Aguilera2 dagen geleden
  • When I was 14 I didn’t even celebrate my birthday lmao

    Jus a Quick gixxerJus a Quick gixxer2 dagen geleden
  • Thats pro drifter

    Ariel Mimis jrAriel Mimis jr3 dagen geleden
  • I’m 15 and my parents don’t even let me sit in the drivers seat of their cars

    Henry CollinsHenry Collins4 dagen geleden
  • 11:05 there is a electronic mustang now 🤣🙏

    Abandoned OntarioAbandoned Ontario10 dagen geleden
  • Like father like daughter. Drifting in the blood.

    Alen cyriac cyriacAlen cyriac cyriac11 dagen geleden
  • SICK!

    DJSASDJSAS11 dagen geleden
  • Damn he lost a lot of weight

    Yixiang ChenYixiang Chen12 dagen geleden
  • Really cool video. Great seeing a kid into motorsports instead of video games! She's going to be a monster, I hope she gets into rally! Imagine her and Oliver Soldberg on a team?!?!

    AK BladesAK Blades13 dagen geleden
  • @15:30 was like my entire autocross career.

    Jesse PerryJesse Perry13 dagen geleden
  • Typical Ford... Always breaking down🙄

    stelitejetstelitejet13 dagen geleden
  • That was just great to watch that kid grasp what she was doing and the stoke she had because she did it

    Sailorbucko BuckleySailorbucko Buckley13 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could get into motor sports but I can’t afford messing up my s13

    ZdomeZdome14 dagen geleden
  • Tell me you wish you had a son without telling me you wish you had a son. All jokes aside, she honestly surprised me. She learned quick and her consistency was on point. The genetics truly did carry over.

    TheCommoNerdTheCommoNerd14 dagen geleden
  • Dare I say......a chip off the old block 🤔😁😁👍👍👍 awesome 😎

    W WW W14 dagen geleden
  • Oh yeah I forgot Ken has rotiform on his side now. Those are my first set of rotiforms too but in gold!

    Justin LeongJustin Leong16 dagen geleden
  • That was awesome. Well done Lia absolutely smashed it.

    Stuart O'TooleStuart O'Toole17 dagen geleden
  • fuk dem cones

    Coltrevolver13Coltrevolver1318 dagen geleden
  • This is so freaking cool. 14! She will be a prodigy one day

    MD Beyond CarsMD Beyond Cars20 dagen geleden
  • I wish she got to drive the hoonicorn

    Shane SmithShane Smith20 dagen geleden
  • Who's the champ Vaughn Gittin or Lia

    Vladislav NwekeVladislav Nweke23 dagen geleden
  • А без ручника? ...

    Roman KrylovRoman Krylov26 dagen geleden
  • Looks like the alignment was off after the wheel was damaged, too.

    Brent DunnawayBrent DunnawayMaand geleden
  • E-brake set too close to the steering, might hit it when turn.

    Kimberly HolykKimberly HolykMaand geleden
  • Next Colette Davis drifting with Lia Block

    Gregory MartinGregory MartinMaand geleden
  • Haha Im sitting here thinking I WANNA PLAY and Im 50! Badasssss 5.0!

    Skip DavisSkip DavisMaand geleden
  • So sick

    Snuggies _Snuggies _Maand geleden
  • Awesome Great Job, go chase your Dreams!

    DysProsDysProsMaand geleden

  • at first she looks like she wants to go home

    CordlessCordlessMaand geleden
  • So amazing 💚💚💚💚💚💯 like father like daughter

    Zuberu KassimZuberu KassimMaand geleden
  • PLEASE TEACH ME!! Or direct me to a place in ATL that can teach me pLeAsE?!

    Explorer812Explorer812Maand geleden
  • Gymkhana 15 staring Lia Block

    Ed BickfordEd BickfordMaand geleden
  • why this guy has a nitro on his back seat

    金泉RICHQUAN金泉RICHQUANMaand geleden
  • She is flaaaat

    Lil YeetLil YeetMaand geleden
  • One day Lia is just gonna tale over gymkhana we just gotta wait

    Jerry LarsenJerry Larsen2 maanden geleden
  • Ijii

    iam poor ytiam poor yt2 maanden geleden
  • damn shes pretty, holee

    Masacrrr ttvMasacrrr ttv2 maanden geleden
  • I want that steering angle kit.

    showmethedammovieshowmethedammovie2 maanden geleden
  • she drives better than some ''drivers''

    detergentdetergent2 maanden geleden
  • The COD hit markers got me dead

    Hunter WhittakerHunter Whittaker2 maanden geleden
  • #KenBlock keep drifting it's awesome

    GhostleviathanXLGhostleviathanXL2 maanden geleden
  • Can't wait for Lia's tournament arc lol.

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez2 maanden geleden
  • What I would give to be raised like this! Haha

    Garrett GreenGarrett Green2 maanden geleden
  • what it cost for yall to tach me how to drift

    lewis sorrelslewis sorrels2 maanden geleden
  • *cough* 's my birthday soon, Ken. Just sayin'.

    Tony SansomTony Sansom2 maanden geleden
  • This was some wholesome shit.. Thanks for sharing.

    Stephen JonesStephen Jones2 maanden geleden
  • Wow, she's lucky as hell!

    Kxng ToniKxng Toni2 maanden geleden
  • I can’t even get my 18yr old to get her license and she’s 14 just tearing it up

    justin bradfordjustin bradford2 maanden geleden
  • I was literally smiling at the end :). One day man

    Робин МинаРобин Мина2 maanden geleden
  • that's a nice car

    MrBlackAndWhite3MrBlackAndWhite32 maanden geleden
  • bro show the footwork next time.

    Abdullah HusainAbdullah Husain2 maanden geleden
  • I wanna do this

    VibeZ6400VibeZ64002 maanden geleden
  • Man i would be listening to Tokyo drift while doing this lol

    Corbin ManseillCorbin Manseill2 maanden geleden
  • 15:28 mic drope and walk away... 😎

    Bromie1990Bromie19902 maanden geleden
  • what kind of car is this

    The kinder eggThe kinder egg2 maanden geleden
  • next video: my daughter drives in an f1 car

    AccidentAccident2 maanden geleden
  • DMV Clerk: "Yes, ma'am, are you here to get your License?" Lia: "No, I'm here to teach everyone how to Drift".

    Zed KnowsZed Knows2 maanden geleden
  • She’s did amazing! Being in the spot light holding it together like that. Nice work. Kids that age get emotional and frustrated easily.

    Frank BetznerFrank Betzner2 maanden geleden
  • to us who can't afford but feel like pros on car drift racing 2

    Koketso MaswikanengKoketso Maswikaneng2 maanden geleden
  • The first 5 seconds of this video would make for a dope sample

    Prod. SlapHappyProd. SlapHappy2 maanden geleden
  • When she turns 16 she finna pull up in the RAV 4 and be drifting around

    Kiko iceKiko ice2 maanden geleden
  • Ken, I've been watching you for years, love your content and vids. Thanks for being a cool dad. Tell Lia she is luck and I would have given my left N@* to have a dad opportunity like that. Awesome!

    Lenny HastickLenny Hastick2 maanden geleden
  • Get her a 240 pops. Lol

    Twister RidesTwister Rides2 maanden geleden
  • The faithful raven climatologically wonder because bat technically disarm midst a quack oboe. juvenile, idiotic caravan

    Ta Manh DungTa Manh Dung2 maanden geleden
  • Dope as f*** man I wish I had parents like this even friends like the hoonigan family would be dope as f*** love all the content Ken Nd his hoonigan guys put out absolutely love it

    Terrelle GibbsonTerrelle Gibbson2 maanden geleden
  • Block down the block

    Not_RealNot_Real2 maanden geleden
  • Awsome!

    Steve RevelSteve Revel2 maanden geleden
  • i wish i could do this

    Levi parrowLevi parrow2 maanden geleden
    • although im sitting here waiting till april to get my permit i want to drive so bad

      Levi parrowLevi parrow2 maanden geleden
  • When I was 14, I was smoking weed in the alley with my friend and planting the seeds-it became a bush but died in summer...

    Willubhave FiveWillubhave Five3 maanden geleden
  • Freaken Awesome!!! I started jumping up cheering "yeeeeaaaa go Leeeeaaahh" 😁👍

    Paul FloresPaul Flores3 maanden geleden
  • She did an Awesome Job!!!!!

    Leon HargroveLeon Hargrove3 maanden geleden
  • She’s 14 getting professionally taught with a car built for it who else grew up doing it by yourself on a shitty old car or pickup

    Patrick YoungsPatrick Youngs3 maanden geleden
  • I’ve been wanting to just drive a car around a parking lot. Nope, wanting to go to a formula drift competition

    Parakeet gamingParakeet gaming3 maanden geleden
  • Ken never got to where he is without passion, and his daughter has the same! Nice work Lia!

    Astro markusAstro markus3 maanden geleden
  • my brother: 17 still afraid to press the gas pedal

    may or may not be itpu ?may or may not be itpu ?3 maanden geleden
  • I’m 12 and that’s ez to do

    Tom The Xbox series XTom The Xbox series X3 maanden geleden
    • bro😭

      Eli ScalapeachesEli Scalapeaches3 maanden geleden
  • Drifting is about feeling it in the seat of your pants. With all that open space, close your eyes and trust the equipment and training. Then the lightbulb moment happens!

    Eric BeanEric Bean3 maanden geleden
  • I am better then but no give me chance

    Charanjeet KaurCharanjeet Kaur3 maanden geleden
  • Awesome

    YabbyYabby3 maanden geleden
  • Friends: Hey Lea, wanna hangout at the doughnut place? Lea: Mannnn wish I could. I got drifting lessons all day.

    Nii ParsonNii Parson3 maanden geleden
  • Great stuff Lia, Good Vibes Video!

    Andrew PowerAndrew Power3 maanden geleden
  • Can't wait for them father daughter GYMKHANA TANDEMS.

    Armando VazquezArmando Vazquez3 maanden geleden
  • This is why the Camaro is better at least one of the many reasons. I had an 87 iroc had it for 15 years no issues and I didn't almost everything to it I just needed to catch it on fire 🔥 but everything else is did. Sold it because it was parked out front but I didn't really use it. All my friends had 5.0 mustangs they all died from one thing or another. 😂🤣😂🤣

    julifer9211julifer92113 maanden geleden
  • Her first car will definitely be a FWD..

    NikoTheHawaiianNikoTheHawaiian3 maanden geleden
  • Good job she did great👍

    Cliff MooreCliff Moore3 maanden geleden
  • Isnt it any mans dream to have a daughter who knows how to drift

    Elmo de beerElmo de beer3 maanden geleden
  • Now i know what to do with my 67 cougar. I was going to do street racing but once i see this, wow it opens a whole new door

    Different Vibe'zDifferent Vibe'z3 maanden geleden
  • *tokyo drift music intensifies*

    WLVS DFGWLVS DFG3 maanden geleden
  • Damn I’m 14 and here I am just watching other people do what I wanna do already

    「SaKusa Kiyoomi」「SaKusa Kiyoomi」3 maanden geleden
  • put her in the hoonicorn

    FluxFlux3 maanden geleden
    • Lmao yes

      Eli ScalapeachesEli Scalapeaches3 maanden geleden
  • what angle kit is that foxbody running anyone know?

    ChrissyflickzChrissyflickz3 maanden geleden
  • I’m 15 and I would die to be her right now

    JasmineJasmine3 maanden geleden
  • Ken laughs, when he feels pain.

    Fun Haver_117Fun Haver_1173 maanden geleden
  • Frantically taking notes

    DauntlessFPVDauntlessFPV3 maanden geleden
  • Not only did she get the figure 8 she celebrated with the donuts like a pro!

    Andrew SchaferAndrew Schafer3 maanden geleden
  • Imagine her future bf tries to show her how he drifts and she is like "Lemme try it" and just shows him how its actually done

    Neno27Neno273 maanden geleden
  • When she goes to take her driving test she gonna be like drifting around those cones

    Joshua RoopnarineJoshua Roopnarine3 maanden geleden
  • Why does Zac saying "Y'all have fun now" sound like a dad talking to his daughter and her date as she gets picked up?

    Michael VondrasekMichael Vondrasek3 maanden geleden
  • large drifting donuts lmao

    Riley CarpenterRiley Carpenter3 maanden geleden