Ken Block Podiums w/ A Broken Big Toe!

30 jul. 2020
219 961 Weergaven

Super stoked to be back to racing thanks to the ARA (American Rally Association) putting on the Southern Ohio Forest Rally (SOFR) despite still being in the middle of a pandemic. This event was wildly different than any rally event I've run before - with no fans or spectators - only one night of actual racing - on just two special stages repeated three times each - all based on organizers doing their best to adapt to the current state of the world and navigating local permit restrictions. The good news is that we're racing again, and these were some of the best stage roads I have driven in an American Rally event, with Alex Gelsomino and I getting quicker and quicker as the night went on, at our first rally in this new COVID-19 era!
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  • 8:32 The glowing brakes

    KelseyDunnigan drangKelseyDunnigan drangMaand geleden
  • Service trasit is cool. Maybe not to the teams but cool

    Stevie JoStevie Jo2 maanden geleden
  • Insanity..but cool!!

    Stevie JoStevie Jo2 maanden geleden
  • one day i wanna make my son became alex g and make him reading a pace when we going to wallmart!

    panic! !panic! !4 maanden geleden
  • Surprised the rally folks and found sunny hills in Florida its a paradise for offloading and it has a ton of paved parts with barley anyone living in it, it was supposed to be a subdivision but over half of it is empty tons of paved and dirt roads perfect for making a backwoods rallycross track, I hope to see rally cross make a track in it or have a rally stage there.

    DR.McstabyDR.Mcstaby4 maanden geleden
  • Is this the one where Travis Pastranas car what on fire

    Tacky-WackyツTacky-Wackyツ4 maanden geleden
  • I absolutely love how they are afraid to touch hands but they aren't even wearing face mask so that really defeats the purpose plus this covid-19 is a load of garbage they been planning this for 50 years they even had covid in a movie back in 2012 so come on people wake up your currupt government is lying to everyone

    Hello I'm GrootHello I'm Groot4 maanden geleden
  • I don't know how you can drive with the co driver's instructions I have no idea what he's saying it's like Chinese to me how can you determine how far the turns are with him telling you and can't imagine how you can even do that at night I'd figure you guys would be using like 300,000 lumens like y'all did on that one video with L.E.D. light bars my guess would be because it's a rally car y'all are supposed to use rally lights

    Hello I'm GrootHello I'm Groot4 maanden geleden
  • I don´t like led or xenon lights in dust. in my opinion halogen is in dust better.

    Rex McStillerRex McStiller4 maanden geleden
  • 7:49 weird almost sounds like the engine was reving the words "send it to the moooon" .just a bit maybe

    paul Wollersheimpaul Wollersheim5 maanden geleden
  • who else clenched his toes when he saw ken's big toe

    Mammouth LaineuxMammouth Laineux5 maanden geleden
  • Wish I knew of some rally classes close to me. I can build a car but can't drive it anywhere near this

    austin spenceraustin spencer7 maanden geleden
  • Ok, guys go to 14:44 and look at third place. SINCE WHEN do pro slopestyle riders race rally?????

    Waric CohenWaric Cohen7 maanden geleden
  • Is that really Brandon Semenuk? Like the 2019 rampage winner and 2 time crankworx champion? When did that guy have time to learn how to drive as fast as Ken fucking Block? Major respect, i just couldn't juggle all that skill and focus on 2 different things. No way.

    Aj LauzonAj Lauzon8 maanden geleden
  • I can personally attest ken was really fast this event. I was the 3rd fastest 2wd car, he was MINUTES PER STAGE ahead of me. Guy flies like nobody’s business! SOFR is now my 2nd favorite rally because it’s super tight and technical but has super high speed tarmac, you really must have experience in all forms of driving to be fast. It really came out in ken!

    ryan sandersryan sanders8 maanden geleden
  • could you imagine hoonigan F1??

    Moises EscobarMoises Escobar8 maanden geleden
  • That brake really look red like that?

    Cristopher JonoCristopher Jono8 maanden geleden
  • one night? what are you crazy, one night? you spread it out and play shadow games and shit

    njmenaceifynjmenaceify8 maanden geleden
  • I need the confidence of that guy at 3:57

    Meera JavadMeera Javad8 maanden geleden
    • Search '1985 portugal rally'

      Thomas RThomas RMaand geleden
  • Ken you killed it on that kast stage. You know it's a fast rally when you spend so much time flat in 6th. Booyaaa!!

    supersevennsupersevenn8 maanden geleden
  • 👍👍😎

    General HobbiesGeneral Hobbies8 maanden geleden
  • Can we talk about that Brandon Semenuk is behind Ken? Thats awesome! MTB-roque

    Warummussmein NameangegebenseinWarummussmein Nameangegebensein8 maanden geleden
  • Ken Blook sos del Dirt 2

    Lautaro Pedro MiguelLautaro Pedro Miguel9 maanden geleden
  • Dude Ken how bad does a toe have to be broken to need stitches. Keep up the awesome videos. I would love to take a ride in any of your cars with u.

    Derek PiehlDerek Piehl9 maanden geleden
  • I love watching in car rally

    Steven CSteven C9 maanden geleden
  • I was worried you were going to crash into Varg

    cakeofthepan 22cakeofthepan 229 maanden geleden
  • Love your content Ken block you are a amazing driver can I get a carcaine t shirt love that shirt 👕 😍

    JD PhotographyJD Photography9 maanden geleden

    Vaughn WilsonVaughn Wilson9 maanden geleden
  • Hahaha crazy Travis pastrana standing outside his car burning. Priceless shit there

    Andrew DenineAndrew Denine9 maanden geleden
  • I got the next one he's gotta try. Gotta go to a drag strip where a 3 sec car is at the light as soon as he hits the green light he clones drifting through in the other lane that would be crazy.

    Andrew DenineAndrew Denine9 maanden geleden
  • That brake glow says it all 🙏🔥😎

    Terry WilliamsTerry Williams9 maanden geleden
  • Stage Rally is such a weird thing to go watch. Lol

    Zachary RobertsonZachary Robertson9 maanden geleden
  • You were supposed to stop at that car that was on fire as there was no OK board showing

    Lewis SpenceLewis Spence9 maanden geleden
  • Congrats on the 2nd Place Overall! Very smooth and cautious this time-out. I hate that feeling, but then you look at the times.... Smooth = FASST! Go Cozzie!!

    Joku 218 FTWJoku 218 FTW9 maanden geleden
  • Awesome runs for sure! Definitely needed for the Cossie and Ken!

    Don HiginsonDon Higinson9 maanden geleden
  • with a broken big teo Ken always come up epic rounds

    Disneyguy31Disneyguy319 maanden geleden
  • Saw you last year at Portland International Raceway, was a very fun event. Bummed about the lack of spectating this year

    Benjamin PowellBenjamin Powell9 maanden geleden
  • Love having zack on here!! Def the extra spice that was needed!

    CMD ParadeCMD Parade9 maanden geleden
  • Wow ken your a good rally driver.

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton9 maanden geleden
  • Nice rally racing ken

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton9 maanden geleden
  • Good video ken

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton9 maanden geleden
  • Wow!! What a way to spend a saturday Just imagine waking up and see the cossie rolling down your old back road then you get to the rally, had to volunteer SOFR this year because they didn't have fans, but wanted to support the boys. Tar hollow state park has amazing roads to rally on, if it wasn't dark you could see the huge drop off on the sides. Ken makes it look easy, I tried to run a stage after they packed up and left( it's a state park open all yr around) not even close,I hope you guys come next year, with covid and social distanceing really wasn't the same! Seeing Zach, Travis, and Ken and not being able to say hey and grab a pic sucked! But Standing in the woods at dark being ate up by bugs to watch Ken work was well worth it though!!

    Mr. MagicstickMr. Magicstick9 maanden geleden
  • Just got my "kill all tires" Hoonigan hoodie and scadder print face mask Hoonlife..

    Hystarik mindZHystarik mindZ9 maanden geleden
  • Great video,great to see Semenuk and the Skoda rally car!

    Jose Moreno PorrasJose Moreno Porras9 maanden geleden
  • Dude that brakes 🔥🔥 you can cook some steak in that thing...

    BSSKRFT3RS43BSSKRFT3RS439 maanden geleden
  • 2:50 2nd and 3rd gear were perfectly synced with the star timer

    That one GuyThat one Guy9 maanden geleden
    • Correct

      ææ6 maanden geleden
  • .............

    DEVASTADOR ´DEVASTADOR ´9 maanden geleden
  • Man i dunno how u do it Ken!!! Having a guy tellin ya crazy stuff lol (i kno its directions) Id need quiet + concentration tho!!👌💯🤣

    Matt HueyMatt Huey9 maanden geleden
  • He looks and talks like the David Blaine of the cars

    ShitenShiten9 maanden geleden
  • I guess Ken has PTSD seeing a burning race car. It totally sucks when this happens... :-/

    UncleManuelUncleManuel9 maanden geleden
  • Every time I watch this makes me want to race dirt rally 2.0 then I remember that Codemasters sucks.....

    DoubleClutchProductionsDoubleClutchProductions9 maanden geleden
  • Great work Zac! Excellent driving Ken! Navigator Alex.... superb!

    HOOLIGANfilmzHOOLIGANfilmz9 maanden geleden
  • Cossie looked great...Congratz

    george lesliegeorge leslie9 maanden geleden
  • You should race Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee

    StompyIanStompyIan9 maanden geleden
  • 9:30 glow baby glow

    Spike J098Spike J0989 maanden geleden
  • Did someone put that brick on the course?

    Mike SMike S9 maanden geleden
  • Finally some proper racing in own yard - America.

    Nutak AizmirstiNutak Aizmirsti9 maanden geleden
  • Now that's what I call a JIM CONOR

    CoD3 NaM3 oP3RaTioN BLu3 DRa6oNCoD3 NaM3 oP3RaTioN BLu3 DRa6oN9 maanden geleden
  • Haha.. this is what it looks like every day on my way to work.

    GaryGary9 maanden geleden
  • Assolutamente tanta roba 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Luca VezzosiLuca Vezzosi9 maanden geleden
  • Hi Ken !!! I just really wanna know How to be a Rally racer?

    yonti 93yonti 939 maanden geleden
  • I watch video Ken Block when I was children

    Hoàng HưngHoàng Hưng9 maanden geleden
  • I like Ken's driving skills. A SPORT LIKE NO OTHER! With out any delays, when you race against to clock and on dirt, mud, ice, and snow, sections of real roads becomes challenge of skills and preciseness of the driver and co-pilot. A TO Z It is kick ass WELL DONE TEAM HOONIGAN :) :) :) I really like the FORD ESCORT COSWORTH IT IS STILL KICKING IT VERY IMPRESSIVE MACHINERY

    Haydar BaraziHaydar Barazi9 maanden geleden
  • Congrats! Seems like Cozzi was down on power on the last two segments. Did it get hurt? Also, how did you come in second with the fastest time in segment 6???

    LarzLarz9 maanden geleden
  • Fast&efficient

    Dream MaurioraDream Mauriora9 maanden geleden
  • Adds, adds everywhere!

    Tor Andre BørresenTor Andre Børresen9 maanden geleden
  • 0:01 oof subie on fire

    SubsoSubso9 maanden geleden
  • B. Semenuk equal Brandon Semenuk...?🤔😮

    sheekerzsheekerz9 maanden geleden
  • So sweet! Well done guys!

    Caleb OshierCaleb Oshier9 maanden geleden
  • Please buy a 2000. You may have and I missed it but please own one.

    ridgerunner914ridgerunner9149 maanden geleden
  • O-H!!!!

    a barnhart620a barnhart6209 maanden geleden
  • OHIO

  • Hopefully i think Zach is one of us now 🤣

    PaceWorksPaceWorks9 maanden geleden
  • I am surprised that the corrupt politicians and fake news media allowed two people in the car.

    Alfred The SavageAlfred The Savage9 maanden geleden
  • Wonder if This Southern Ohio RallyCourse Will Make it Onto a DiRT Game? (If DiRT Ever Goes V.R. I May Finally Score a V.R.HeadSet.)

    AretnaP 3AretnaP 39 maanden geleden
  • (CIBIE Lights!)

    AretnaP 3AretnaP 39 maanden geleden
  • Try amber lights that's what I have on my F350 for dust driving

    ou Louieou Louie9 maanden geleden
  • LOVE me some RALLY! Thanks for the awesome video!

    M TackM Tack9 maanden geleden
  • This kind of event is good for the sport. Very demanding.

    rsanjurrsanjur9 maanden geleden
  • 11:44 great shot with the hot brake discs!

    rsanjurrsanjur9 maanden geleden
  • 9:08 In that sequence, the combination of engine+transmission sounds were beautiful

    rsanjurrsanjur9 maanden geleden
  • Great job Ken and all your support team . Go Fast :-)

    Mike KuczynskiMike Kuczynski9 maanden geleden
  • Check out my modded RS content and hooning is included!

    Faded GarageFaded Garage9 maanden geleden
  • those brakes in dark night = 😍🤞

    Quantum GaurabQuantum Gaurab9 maanden geleden
  • Great to see you competing in a rally Ken. Being a fellow rally driver, I always enjoy the story and competition videos more. Hats off to the organisers for running an event during the height of a pandemic, especially an all nighter at that!

    Rally ActionRally Action9 maanden geleden
  • RIP Transexual Pastrami

    igloo productionsigloo productions9 maanden geleden
  • hahahhah those GLOWING brakes looks sick at night

    Regilio BoumaRegilio Bouma9 maanden geleden
  • I wish ken was in top gear ......ken block + chris harris = pure gold

    Melvoh MaishMelvoh Maish9 maanden geleden
  • Cool that it was in ohio... sad I missed it...

    W / ALLW / ALL9 maanden geleden
  • You really need to trust your co driver in the night and if you make a mistake that’s the end of the rally some times

    Ben LattimoreBen Lattimore9 maanden geleden
  • Well done lads! Great team effort. Good to see you back finishing on gravel! 😎

    Matty DillonMatty Dillon9 maanden geleden
  • How is your fire suppression system this time around, Ken? Did Danger Dan show you what can be done these days? 🤔

    Mac·auMac·au9 maanden geleden
  • I absolutely love watching these with Alex calling the notes through the stage. Love seeing the boys back at it!

    Josh MJosh M9 maanden geleden
  • thanks for content, gratz to Ken, Alex, Jon and Jason

    Everardo PadronEverardo Padron9 maanden geleden
  • 💯

    Erik ArevaloErik Arevalo9 maanden geleden
  • We love you ken .

    Sunil kumarSunil kumar9 maanden geleden
  • We love you ken

    Sunil kumarSunil kumar9 maanden geleden
  • Hoped you enjoyed your stay in OH as much as we did having you with us. Mid Ohio, Nelson's ledges would be awesome if you could post an entry.

    MostcomMostcom9 maanden geleden
  • Glad you finally got to get back out there!

    MadManMadMan9 maanden geleden
  • I've never seen this type of rally driving at night pretty intrested

    Rafael SanchezRafael Sanchez9 maanden geleden