23 jul. 2020
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Remember when Ford invited me out for the first drive of the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E but wouldn't let me HOON it? Well today I get a second chance thanks to Ford Performance and RTR Vehicles (who helped to design and build my 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V1 & V2) and this time it's in a one-of-a-kind - 1,400 horsepower prototype - built specifically for sliding sideways and slaying tires - and it is a beast!
Check out my FIRST DRIVE: Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E! (
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  • That's one hell of a Beautiful vehicle NO really it shines... But sorry as for the sound it's terrible and WHINING & that's dull srry no shine

    T jT jUur geleden
  • that car starts with a push

    EugeneEugene7 uur geleden
  • I'll admit this is the only version of the Ford Karen that looks good.

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez10 uur geleden
  • Epic

    bobbywalterbobbywalter13 uur geleden
  • Ecocorn💪

    Dre RcGarageGarageDre RcGarageGarage14 uur geleden
  • They push so hard by focusing so hard on laughs cause it’s so far from cool. And that’s the beginning. It looks like a fat, slow, really annoying lump of coal out there 😐 not impressed

    Jared JonesJared Jones18 uur geleden
  • Hallowed or hollowed?

    ZZUB 55 65 BODIESZZUB 55 65 BODIES19 uur geleden
  • That noise is like nails on a chalk board

    James LargentJames Largent20 uur geleden
  • Oil Is stil here for time being.. Ken please use as much of it as you can get.. I hate the sound of mosquitoes on 4 wheels

    South AfricaSouth AfricaDag geleden
  • А я то думаю че у меня на калине коробка воет во но но в чем дело то

    Александер ЮрьевичьАлександер ЮрьевичьDag geleden
  • Why do they have to make electric cars look stupid? The worst sound in the world the sound is intentional. Electric motors hum with a pitch not a sequel. Hoonicorn 100%

    James MorseJames MorseDag geleden
  • Sounds like one of those Japanese dive bombers

    Dale Dos SantosDale Dos SantosDag geleden
  • I love you all ❤

    Windoge 10Windoge 10Dag geleden
  • Sounds like an RC car.. Lol

    Thatguy_ KountryThatguy_ KountryDag geleden
  • I'm sorry, it makes HOW MUCH TORQUE?

    I like musicI like musicDag geleden
  • Crowds be ware

    Cell BloxCell Blox2 dagen geleden
  • Зверюга!

    василий стаценковасилий стаценко3 dagen geleden
  • That thing sounds like a U.S.Navy jet fighter! Those sounds never leave my brain after 22 years of Naval Aviation career life working on some of the baddest fighter jets on this earth...Wow!!!

    W JW J3 dagen geleden
  • Кто после чердака? 🤣

    Сергей КозловСергей Козлов3 dagen geleden
  • Electric realy.....

    JustplayerJustplayer3 dagen geleden
  • Fk that noise is annoying at least a v8 sounds tuff

    Shannon WalkerShannon Walker3 dagen geleden
  • New nickname, "The Banshee."

    Xp LeeXp Lee4 dagen geleden
  • После Чердака)))

    Илья ЕвгеньевичИлья Евгеньевич4 dagen geleden
  • "first you rip that e brake then I want you to power over 🙂🤣👍👍..!!"- classic line on how NOT TO CORRECTLY DRIFT 🙄😤🤬👎👎..!!

    Ryan BeersRyan Beers4 dagen geleden
  • Illuminati sign!! Ken you are the greatest!! Ford sucks!!

    Willi WimmerWilli Wimmer4 dagen geleden
  • this car is shit :D its not mustang

    Shedy ShowShedy Show4 dagen geleden
  • Звук у нее гавно

    Ivan IvanovIvan Ivanov4 dagen geleden
  • Кто после того как Чердак упомянул в своем выпуске Кен Блока в своем выпуске?

    АнтонАнтон4 dagen geleden
  • I’m not sure. Does ken hate these guys or what?

    Bobby DazzlerBobby Dazzler4 dagen geleden
  • Sensors to initiate force vectoring incorporated in the rear spoiler

    PhilPhil4 dagen geleden
  • why tf it makes shitty noise the rimac don't have that and its faster ....

    Cool PurpleCool Purple5 dagen geleden
  • Dang this thing is glued to the ground

    D'Andre LewisD'Andre Lewis5 dagen geleden
  • That's a god awful sound

    Jason JacksonJason Jackson5 dagen geleden
  • Geez electric to save the planet but uses oil to keep it cool lol. Or maybe thst is just for this type of performance

    allenallen5 dagen geleden
  • *me: outside playing football* *my friend crying bc his gf cheated on him*

    zkingzking5 dagen geleden
  • I hope they have plans to sell RTR versions of this car cause I want one

    TriforceSamuraiTriforceSamurai5 dagen geleden
  • My grandpa snoring sounds better

    Michael LohnMichael Lohn5 dagen geleden
  • DRAG!

    Julian RemidiJulian Remidi5 dagen geleden
  • WE NEED THIS IN FORZA HORIZON 4! Ken I know you know people at Playground and Turn10...coommmeee oooooonnnnnnnnnnn n hahahaha please?

    blueydsniperblueydsniper5 dagen geleden
  • its not a mustang , it an electric car.

    SandC AtkesonSandC Atkeson6 dagen geleden
  • is the sound mach-e is safe to driver ear?? it feel mach-e sound more lounder than HOONICORN actually

    Anastasya RinAnastasya Rin6 dagen geleden
  • That may be the worst sound I have ever heard come out of a vehicle.

    Wolf MountainWolf Mountain6 dagen geleden
  • Car looks for shit and sounds the same... No thanks

    Jay GladieuxJay Gladieux6 dagen geleden
  • Best looking car ever 😎

    Solan :DSolan :D6 dagen geleden
  • If people took covid seriously we wouldn't still be shut down

    JustifyTheseHethansJustifyTheseHethans6 dagen geleden
  • Tell those boys to get their Tesla’s....let’s race....🤣🤣🤣🤣

    paul cipruspaul ciprus7 dagen geleden
  • This is going to be the next mustang in 2023

    Michael FleischhauerMichael Fleischhauer7 dagen geleden
  • When are they going to make it a car we can buy and drive in the street

    Michael FleischhauerMichael Fleischhauer7 dagen geleden
  • This feels like a big corporation trying to superficially force something to be cool

    TrxpicalTrxpical7 dagen geleden
  • Looks like that Peugeot MPV

    CGS DesignsCGS Designs7 dagen geleden
  • That hand tap at the end of the Mach E drive was a tech sitting there monitoring temps telling Vaughn "It's overheating!"

    Nathan BruceNathan Bruce7 dagen geleden
    • @J R No fact, full assumption. It looked a little abrupt and it was right in the middle of a long drift. Then Ken went on to say it was only a tease hoon.

      Nathan BruceNathan Bruce6 dagen geleden
    • Statement of fact or just joking?? I ask with all sincerity.. Thank you

      J RJ R6 dagen geleden
  • i dont normally like ford but the hoon cars are amazing

    Roman SernaRoman Serna8 dagen geleden
  • He told Ken Block to “turn in pull the handbrake and it will rotate”

    joshua koplinjoshua koplin9 dagen geleden
  • look weird. like an rc car

    Feezoto LegacyFeezoto Legacy9 dagen geleden
  • Ford: We made a new and eco friendly car for the whole family Ken: Rubber get smokey when I slide

    notonemonotonemo9 dagen geleden
  • Rip anyone with headphones up loud 😂

    Hichael MallHichael Mall9 dagen geleden
  • Car starts moving @ 8:19

    Bify GifBify Gif9 dagen geleden
  • Who is this clown? Pull the handbrake and turn in. Does he have any idea why most people even know the name Ken Block?

    Joe LloydJoe Lloyd9 dagen geleden
  • God it's still so uncool.

    Joe LloydJoe Lloyd9 dagen geleden
  • Double the power and it still wouldn't be cool.

    Joe LloydJoe Lloyd9 dagen geleden
  • As long as you think the Mustang Mach e isn’t a mustang it’s a pretty cool car

    Captain AxanCaptain Axan10 dagen geleden
  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....the sound of the future :/

    A DA D11 dagen geleden
  • What an absolute horrible shit noise, traditional engines should remain on this planet

    Tube InvaderTube Invader12 dagen geleden
  • OMG! You guys so dropped the ball on this one. The Hoonicorn was sitting RIGHT THERE! How could you not drag the two?! 👎

    Eric LivesayEric Livesay12 dagen geleden
  • When the corporate overlord comes calling....

    Auto AbsoluteAuto Absolute12 dagen geleden
  • Its a prius son ... dont try to church it up

    james smithjames smith12 dagen geleden
  • this is the sound that tires make when they die

    Sean BurtonSean Burton13 dagen geleden
  • boomers: MaCh-E iS nOt A mUsTaNg

    Chih ChangChih Chang13 dagen geleden
  • Horrible man that's literal earrape, they need to put exhaust sound or something to cover up that horrible sound its genuinely haunting

    2Skills4u2Skills4u13 dagen geleden
  • very good.. but still a boosted kitchen blender for me

    iG WiG W13 dagen geleden
  • The noise is horrible

    andy channelandy channel13 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being on a trip and you run out of juice, so you go to charge it and you have to wait for 45 minutes to get back on the road

    Garrett RedhouseGarrett Redhouse13 dagen geleden
  • Yeah, Im not really liking the mach e. Nice try though lol 😁 That whining sound alone would drive me insane. I mean I know we gotta phase out fossil fuels but damn those E cars seem soulless and not much fun.... I think even ken didnt particularly like it but he had to play along 👍

    spiKey0svetlanaspiKey0svetlana13 dagen geleden
  • That sound should put an end to this drifting thing. No kid is going to be attracted to that godawful noise.

    1379137913 dagen geleden
  • How much worse could this car sound? And the answer is none. None more worse.

    1379137913 dagen geleden
  • We need this in Forza now

    Ethan RataiczakEthan Rataiczak14 dagen geleden
  • The noise is horrible

    AlphaOmegA BigJAlphaOmegA BigJ15 dagen geleden
  • I still don’t like that they made the mustang a four door suv/crossover

    Jordanknight13Jordanknight1315 dagen geleden
  • Pretty sure the sound was edited. Electric motors do not sound like that lmao.

    Hydro AegisHydro Aegis16 dagen geleden
  • Man that noise gets annoying fast

    RΘRΦRΘRΦ17 dagen geleden
  • sounds awfull

    yuki mizunoyuki mizuno17 dagen geleden
  • His face says it all. It sucks and just pull the break no clutch

    Worthless FiatWorthless Fiat18 dagen geleden
  • Ah yes... the beautiful sound of the car 🥲

    Tillolenski ArtTillolenski Art18 dagen geleden
  • Damn they are still not there with the electric cars. Even with 1400hp. The V8 is just everything. Speed, sound, demotion, drama! Will still be a looooong time for electric cars to be on par.

    Mr. GMr. G18 dagen geleden
  • i remember mustangs a little different... am i the only one who thinks this car is just fugly³?! btw... never seen a dissapointet ken before.

    Janosch KladenzJanosch Kladenz18 dagen geleden
  • Electric cars... the most disgusting things I ever saw

    Francis FairfieldFrancis Fairfield19 dagen geleden
  • 9:08 are those actually flames inside the back wheels?¿¿?¿?

    Fernando LsFernando Ls19 dagen geleden
  • Sounds like Nazguls coming to attack

    JamieJamie19 dagen geleden
  • It’s actually pronounced muh-chay

    Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez19 dagen geleden
  • Did I just see the handbrake being pulled to the SIDE?

    Im McRingoIm McRingo21 dag geleden
  • ken sounds so unimpressed while driving lol

    Anthony BentivegnaAnthony Bentivegna21 dag geleden
  • Lol had to tap his hand like "Damn man, don't break our shit on the first run".

    01001101 0101011101001101 0101011121 dag geleden

    J BEASTJ BEAST22 dagen geleden
    • This is why we're still shut down and I have to be afraid of catching a life altering respiratory illness every time I have to go to work. Wouldn't have had to cancel all if my trips and plans just for everyone else to selfishly cram onto airplanes to visit family and friends for social gatherings.

      JustifyTheseHethansJustifyTheseHethans6 dagen geleden
  • "just go straight and pull the hand break and it will slide" guy teaching Ken how to drift

    SarthakSarthak22 dagen geleden
    • i mean he is a formula drift champion...

      H3NNYYH3NNYY7 dagen geleden
  • That noise... therapy begins at 11:59 Hoonicorn!!!

    John JonesJohn Jones23 dagen geleden
  • Why do we succumb to the insurance companies on our creativity

    Samuel MartinSamuel Martin24 dagen geleden
  • Mustangs do not have 4 doors

    Samuel MartinSamuel Martin24 dagen geleden
  • It’s really not drifting...more like power sliding

    Toxic ass WabbitToxic ass Wabbit25 dagen geleden
  • this that alien technology

    christian melanochristian melano25 dagen geleden
  • Wow that is insanely awesome, it’s Tron in real life!! The idea of fully programable driving is insane!! Bravo Ford. I reckon though they should’ve re-branded it something other than a Mustang.

    Rone BakuwelRone Bakuwel25 dagen geleden