Ken Block Attempts an 8th Win at The Rally in The 100 Acre Wood

25 mrt. 2021
374 897 Weergaven

Ken Block returns to The Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in an attempt to capture his 8th win at the event. In this race we see Ken piloting a Skoda Fabia R5+, set up for the ARA's 04WD class. With very little seat time in this unfamiliar chassis, he faces stiff competition by the likes of Travis Pastrana piloting his factory backed Subaru WRX STI and Barry McKenna in a Ford Fiesta WRC.
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  • Why do all the "co-pilots" in rally cars sound British or Italian?

    Chris LeBrescuChris LeBrescu10 dagen geleden
  • That snowmobile crash was pretty crazy though

    Blue-XBlue-X12 dagen geleden
  • you can feel the salt they throwing on pastrana. feels like metal mulisha and his fmx days all over again

    Adam CAdam C14 dagen geleden
  • For me, the R5 is the best looking wrc car actually.

    JoJo18 dagen geleden
  • Yeah R5 we are producing Exhaust for them. Enjoy last Czech sport car.

    Jan ZahrádkaJan Zahrádka18 dagen geleden
  • 667

    THE CHEMISTTHE CHEMIST18 dagen geleden
  • Oh yea! You picked a good one for this, the Fabia R5 is the Škodas beast! ;D Sending greetings from Czech republic!

    KEX CZKEX CZ19 dagen geleden
  • i am constantly amazed by what ken can do in terms of rally, but i am also constantly amazed by what travis pastrana does. i first heard about him from a game company using his name to promote a tony hawk like game but with bicycles. so this man has gone from BMX to motocross to nitro circus to now first place competitive car rally. ken might be old but so is travis, this kind of stuff is just crazy to me.

    TheRegretTheRegret23 dagen geleden
  • Škoda with Forza Horizon logos? I mean, finally Škoda in Forza?

    Whip -OWhip -O24 dagen geleden
  • I have no idea how Alex can read the notes and watch the road at the same time while Ken is blasting 100 mph.

    Steve ASteve A24 dagen geleden
  • the amazing rally, Ken you are the best!

    Roman KrylovRoman Krylov26 dagen geleden
  • 4:19 PM April 12 2021 Im glad your ok

    Omar ArreolaOmar ArreolaMaand geleden
  • Only took him about 3 months

    Ian SnyderIan SnyderMaand geleden
  • I do not have words to describe how difficult the day two stages were. in our two-wheel drive class car, we were banging gears and taking wins and having fun but one of those water crossings disconnected an o2 sensor and dogged the engine, then the engine died on stage and we had to do a little work to get out. big time loss but considering that 75% of the field did not finish. very good pace and discipline from ken, then again I would not expect any less. many cars, such as my fathers 4wd did not finish

    ryan sandersryan sandersMaand geleden
  • Great production and race! The Skoda might have a new fan here 🤔 👀

    Andrew DAndrew DMaand geleden
  • Refreshing seeing everyone's faces 😌

    Andrew DAndrew DMaand geleden
  • Skoda’s are so bad

    Kon_The_Boss PKon_The_Boss PMaand geleden
  • Chasis, suspension and weight distribution in that car is legendary. Just how flat it jumps, smooth it lands and slides in and out of the corners and long sweepers 🚗💨💥

    xHhAaBbZzxxHhAaBbZzxMaand geleden
  • Ford sucks ass for dropping ken. Going to be their loss

    Matthew CaouetteMatthew CaouetteMaand geleden
  • Cool to see ken be passionate with other cars he likes to actually race in would love to see more of that of yea just want to say zak is so bad ass

    Hozay AHozay AMaand geleden
  • Ken is the biggest free agent amongst rally car manufacturers right now

    Camille ChristyCamille ChristyMaand geleden
  • that drone clip at 7:05 is sick!

    Rafal GrabskiRafal GrabskiMaand geleden
  • Strange to see a livery like this. Guys in Slovakia and the Czech Republic were always trying to replicate Ken by putting monster and Hoonigan sticker on their cars(mostly Škodas and old BMWs) and now you see Ken in a car like that😁

    olivid3olivid3Maand geleden
  • Škoda🇨🇿💪💪💪

    JoketesJoketesMaand geleden
  • Please keep doing this America! Thanks.

    Crouching HedgehogCrouching HedgehogMaand geleden
  • Ken out here embodying "Checkers or Wreckers" 9 attemtps, 7 wins, 2 mechanical DNFs

    M4ng03zM4ng03zMaand geleden
  • that co-driver is amazing!

    Garrett JumperGarrett JumperMaand geleden
  • ken, if you just back to subaru, you will be have 1th place :/

    Creeper carCreeper carMaand geleden
  • dammit i wish I knew about this. Would've drove down there.

    Brett HousmanBrett HousmanMaand geleden
  • Wow from that inner cam as if the car is hovering above ground it's so smooth what suspension are they using.

    Thinnakorn KanjanaseneeThinnakorn KanjanaseneeMaand geleden
  • Seeing a Skoda badge in America - unexpected but pleasant.

    Pavel KostromitinovPavel KostromitinovMaand geleden
  • Definitely would have to wear my brown pants if I ever rode in that car. Just the video is butt clenching. 😂

    Nathan ValleyNathan ValleyMaand geleden
  • Gee ken,funny you only enter the rally you have a history of winning.Also if you actually had competition you wouldnt win at all.

    djsi38tdjsi38tMaand geleden
  • That whole video was sick

    NvSrAgE679NvSrAgE679Maand geleden
  • I think they should do a game in your honor and create a hall of fame for you. Your certainly a key icon, in rally sport. You brought alot to rally PROMOTION OVER THE YEARS EVEN TELL NOW. All the best to you and your team. KEEP IT UP.

    CharlesCharlesMaand geleden
  • I think Skoda will be a great next sponsor along side Hyundai

    Mason GunnMason GunnMaand geleden
  • Does Alex save all his notes?

    Wyit 54Wyit 54Maand geleden
  • Skoda hoonicorn cars.

    Rico Collier-DanielsRico Collier-DanielsMaand geleden
  • Can anyone explain exactly what the co-driver is repeating when it comes to the numbers exactly? I understand he is forecasting the obstacles and turns ahead but that is the extent of what I know. Thank you!

    Jonathan SmithJonathan SmithMaand geleden
  • I hope we will see Škoda in Forza Horizon soon :D

    Ondřej SlámaOndřej SlámaMaand geleden
  • The mature meeting postprandially sigh because cross electrophysiologically permit throughout a sedate passbook. woebegone, disagreeable lead

    Ryan KhansaryRyan KhansaryMaand geleden
  • Ken Block being on a hiatus made me miss him and the Hoonicorn 💘

    Shane HouseShane HouseMaand geleden
  • 7:05 drone footage is sickkk

    vuskeedoovuskeedooMaand geleden
  • Kevin Costner .... anyone?. Anyone?

    f87115f87115Maand geleden
  • i am from czech republic and i am you big fan from gymkhana 2 and my brother is your fan from gymkhana 1 i hope our škoda gonna make you happy and you gonna have great memories with that car :) sending hellos from my and my brother fom czech republic.

    Grathy FertiersGrathy FertiersMaand geleden
  • #Skodagan

    LikwidFoXLikwidFoXMaand geleden
  • Bald & Bankrupt be like: OH YES a *SOVIET* made Skoda! Soviet engineering at it's finest. Not good for the top tier but good for 2nd tier. Something expected with *SOVIET* engineering. Quite nice innit?

    noskilz04noskilz04Maand geleden
    • I like Bald but he would know that Škoda is not soviet!

      CZLupenCZLupen11 dagen geleden
  • Nice to see flying Škoda at races over the ocean :) Seeing all that air-time, I wonder if FAA doesn't start to consider it an aircraft... :D And greetings from Czech Republic, birthplace of this little motorised devil :)

    marty2129marty2129Maand geleden
  • Škoda is best! Good luck and cheers from Czech Republic. ;) Thanks Ken for propagation our country. Keep rockin! *We really not Russia and similiar countries.. We are central Europe..

    Filip RadostaFilip RadostaMaand geleden
  • Rally more not easy and salute legend and best team

    Bersepahbangsatkafir SultanbabipartybabibangsatBersepahbangsatkafir SultanbabipartybabibangsatMaand geleden
  • Jesus just build him q wheel chair with twin turbos 😵🤯 it only hurts getting in and out of the car and standing shit im surprised you can walk 👌💯

    Jake MartinJake MartinMaand geleden
  • You would think having someone in the passenger seat gabbering shit would be a handicap.

    Sean WorkmanSean WorkmanMaand geleden
  • SKODA!!!! Yessss yesssss that’s what I would prefer

    ExviousExviousMaand geleden
  • Still can't believe that ya stumped a sled dude. Lucky you're walkin' let alone drivin' a rally. Fix that skoda

    M WhitelawM WhitelawMaand geleden
  • This guy is a humble legend

    Dorito NACHODorito NACHOMaand geleden
  • I need to get a rally cross track, and have Ken Block shred it.

    iamgriffiamgriffMaand geleden
  • Skoda, CZ, VZ 58, Pilsner beer. Yeah I think that the Czechs can do quality products.

    Stanley's FreedomStanley's FreedomMaand geleden
  • What language is the navigator speaking? It sounds like some kind of English jibberish that, honestly, would drive me crazy hearing nonstop over the entire course. I understand the necessity of the navigator and his directions but it sure is annoying.

    Renaissance ManRenaissance ManMaand geleden
  • Sup

    iBelieveiBelieveMaand geleden
  • 7:05 excellent drone view 🚀

    Pavlo KasperskyiPavlo KasperskyiMaand geleden
  • 4:37 😬😬😬😬😬

    Pavlo KasperskyiPavlo KasperskyiMaand geleden
  • Congrats....👍🏾 (From Indonesia 🇮🇩)

    Antonius AdhiAntonius AdhiMaand geleden
  • so weird not to see ken in a ford

    Andrei BaritchiAndrei BaritchiMaand geleden

    LimestaLimestaMaand geleden
  • The only American that actualy can drive a car... and most of them... are not American cars...

    zee wolfzee wolfMaand geleden
  • really didint go bad!! if that skoda would be ok in all way and no flat tire ken would be winner and so old car jeeves he is good

    Broo_shBroo_shMaand geleden
  • great chase throughout every stage! Rally happens!!

    Josh AdamsJosh AdamsMaand geleden
  • WOW.... KEN BLOCK is doing epic yet again.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti AllanMaand geleden
  • 👍🐰

    Ramboly75 FirstbloodRamboly75 FirstbloodMaand geleden
  • Is there any video with the raw footage of the stages?

    MrMatMrMatMaand geleden
  • His history at this rally is completely Ricky Bobbie lol 😆

    Roger BurnsRoger BurnsMaand geleden
  • @10:02 is that hitting the rev limiter in 6th gear?

    akoss11akoss11Maand geleden
  • Two choice thoughts: 1. "Big brake jump"...

    fshalorfshalorMaand geleden
  • I love how the only time he didn't win was when he sent it so hard the car stopped. Lol

    jakejakeMaand geleden
  • Hey Ken, not making fun of your car or the results from this rally, finishing where you did given the mechanical challenges and it being a brand new car to you is nothing short of amazing. I have a bulgarian friend who told me that Skoda translates in english to mean "pity" and that strikes me as very appropriate...its a pity you didnt win. :)

    thomas womackthomas womackMaand geleden
  • Best driver ever.even better than me

    Cli t DCli t DMaand geleden
  • baru tau adA merk mobil Skoda

    pandu .spandu .sMaand geleden
  • Rally is the real deal. At top speed powersliding and jumping to get the fastest time, not some points from judges.

    ProcverTVProcverTVMaand geleden
  • as a czech person I am proud that Ken drove a skoda

    SamSamMaand geleden
  • A side-story most people wouldn’t pick up on; Ken’s navigator Alex Gelsomino and his wife Rhianon (Travis Pastrana’s fill-in navigator while his usual co-pilot is unable to travel from the UK due to COVID restrictions) finished 1-2! Not sure how rare that is but I’ll venture a guess it’s not all that common. Cheers and congrats to the Gelsominos for the great result!!

    SamsonianSamsonianMaand geleden
  • Love the Fabia!

    Armando RiveroArmando RiveroMaand geleden
  • Skoda?!

    KniceguyKniceguyMaand geleden
  • I'm on board for any videos you do like this for sure, I can see some wins coming in the Skoda for sure.

  • ford look at what you done you screwed his record with a second like why?

    aiden youngaiden youngMaand geleden
  • I wish my sim racing channel had your, what I'm gonna call, VEHICULAR CHARISMA!

    Fenstmaker_Sim_RacingFenstmaker_Sim_RacingMaand geleden
  • Ken please sign with Audi!!

    44 444 4Maand geleden
  • Bring some Scandinavian drivers over so Kenny boy has a challenge!!

    The NEW Iain Mackenzie.The NEW Iain Mackenzie.Maand geleden
  • Ken should join Subaru. They could take top 3 every race.

    NotreeNotreeMaand geleden
  • The holistic surprise muhly disagree because beard bailly stamp unto a tedious pancake. incredible, unaccountable hearing

    Rad RhatRad RhatMaand geleden
  • Oh man that's some incredible footage. You can see Ken completely sending it in the latter stages of the rally. Too bad he was plagued with such difficulties. Good effort man, you're a beast nonetheless.

    P. Jan KrojcerP. Jan KrojcerMaand geleden
  • What a way to land a sled? Lol

    Ken HartyKen HartyMaand geleden
  • Ken is clearly the best driver there is, in a way Older Car, way less Mechanics, way less Money and still wins stages, amazing like senna back in the days in Formula one. There are only few drivers that can drive like he does, its a honor to watch! Love from Switzerland

    Alistair WidmerAlistair WidmerMaand geleden
    • Actually, if you mean that Fabia is way older car, this one actually is not old, they don't upgrade the mask and visual stuff, but the insides are constantly upgraded. In Czech Republic, you can actually buy that car as a civilian, but it costs like Brabus S-klasse lol

      JandyJandyMaand geleden
  • I saw this video and was happy to find the livery for Dirt Rally 2.0. If anyone else plays that game on PC, you can get the livery from RaceDepartment. BTW, the Pastrana Gymkhana Hoonigan livery is there as well. And has some other Ken Block liveries for DR2.

    Jason LowmasterJason LowmasterMaand geleden

    FilipekeeFilipekeeMaand geleden
  • Jesus! to close that gap and do so well under a different vehicle and learning curve well done.

    Kenneth RaffKenneth RaffMaand geleden
  • but why did you quit Ford to join Skoda?

    cars7881 cars7881cars7881 cars7881Maand geleden
  • i have one of your hats and i love it, infact, im wearing it right now!

    cars7881 cars7881cars7881 cars7881Maand geleden
  • 🚘👍

    hotwheels7459hotwheels7459Maand geleden
  • I'm so happy that Ken has no brand obligations anymore. (at least vehicle manufacturer). The future is exciting, can't wait to see what other racing machines he jumps in. Also, that Skoda is smoother through the stages than my actual car on asphalt . 😂

    Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and RohanEowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and RohanMaand geleden
  • Why did Ken leave Ford for? was his contract up did he have a run in with them?

    Jason SwiftJason SwiftMaand geleden